The Second Varsity.

Beavs Place 18th at IRA National Championships

Photo By: Scobel Wiggins/Oregon State Athletics   06-01-2014

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New Jersey – The Oregon State men’s rowing team’s season comes to a close on the final day of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championships, with all three OSU boats placing.

Oregon State finished 18th as a team with 38 points, as awarded by the Ten Eyck Award. The Beavers also placed sixth in terms of the Chapman Award, which recognizes the “Most Improved” teams on a point basis.

The best finish for the Beavs is awarded to the Junior Varsity 8, placing 12th overall with a final time of 6:03.313 in the Petite Final earlier today.

“The Third Varsity fought really hard,” said Head Coach Steve Todd. “They clung to Wisconsin's crew most of the race and then it was a back and forth, stroke for stroke race for second place with Holy Cross.”

The Third Varsity 8 placed 15th overall with a final time of 6:03.871 in the Third Level Final. The Varsity 8 came in 18th place overall with a final time of 5:59.622 in the Third Level Final earlier today.

"Today wasn't our day in the Varsity and Second Varsity,” Todd said. “Both crews looked to be paying the price for racing hard Friday and Saturday."  

After a long season and several notable wins and accomplishments, Todd and his crew are pleased with this year and excited about years to come.

"We can come away from this season pleased with overall improvement,” Todd said. "Even with today not being our best we are excited for the future; 23 of the 27 representing OSU out here will return for the 2015 season."

3V8 (Third Final)
1. Wisconsin 6:01.006
2. Holy Cross 6:03.230
3. Oregon State 6:03.871 (15th overall)
4. Harvard 6:11.697
5. Hobart 6:16.170
6. Drexel 6:29.309

2V8 (Petite Final)
1. BU 5:50.290
2. Wisconsin 5:52.832
3. Cornell 5:53943
4. Yale 6:00.445
5. Pennsylvania 6:02.896
6. Oregon State 6:03.313 (12th)

V8 (Third Final)
1. Stanford 5:49.658
2. GWU 5:51.057
3. FIT 5:51.497
4. Syracuse 5:54.692
5. Pennsylvania 5:55.036
6. Oregon State 5:59.622 (18th)

IRA National Championships: Day 2


New Jersey – Day two of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championships comes to a close with Oregon State’s V8 finishing third in their semifinal race.

"Our guys pulled a really solid piece today, the gusty conditions were tricky,” Head Coach Steve Todd said. “But we moved well when we hit calmer areas of the course."

The V8 was running with Stanford and Pennsylvania in the early going. Stanford pushed out to a length lead by 1K mark, and from there OSU stayed in contact. Near the finish, the Beavs closed a bit on Stanford and just missed beating Pennsylvania by 0.5 seconds. With a third place finish and final time of 6:20.782, the V8 will race in the C Final tomorrow.

"The Varsity will match up with some good crews tomorrow,” said Todd. “So it's a real chance to put together a great piece."

The 2V8 had a solid performance on day one, but struggled with the course conditions today. In lane five, the Beavs had difficulty joining the pack with the other crews, and trailed the group throughout the race. With a sixth place finish and a final time of 6:35.037, Oregon State advances to the Petite Final tomorrow.

"The JV had to contend with rough conditions from a stiff crosswind that made the outside lanes difficult,” Todd said. “They'll be ready for tomorrow; this group is really young and tough, and they are ready to bounce back and perform on Sunday.”

The Championships come to a close tomorrow, with all three Oregon State boats contending for placement. Live results and times are available here:

Sunday – June 1 (Start Times):

3V8: Third Level Final – 6:40 am PT

Lane Assignments: 1/Drexel 2/Oregon State 3/Wisconsin 4/Holy Cross 5/Harvard 6/Hobart

2V8: Petite Final – 8:20 am PT

Lane Assignments: 1/Yale 2/Wisconsin 3/BU 4/Cornell 5/Pennsylvania 6/Oregon State

V8: Third Level Final – 9:05 am PT

Lane Assignments: 1/Syracuse 2/Pennsylvania 3/FIT 4/Stanford 5/GWU 6/Oregon State

V8 (S3)
1. Stanford 6:17.848
2. Pennsylvania 6:20.272
3. Oregon State 6:20.782
4. Drexel 6:23.370
5. Dartmouth 6:30.633
6. Holy Cross 6:33.072

2V8 (S2)
1. Washington 6:06.490
2. Northeastern 6:09.377
3. Navy 6:10.022
4. BU 6:10.563
5. Pennsylvania 6:26.379
6. Oregon State 6:35.037

IRA Championships: Day 1


New, Jersey – The Oregon State men’s rowing team completed the first day of the Intercollegiate Rowing Championships, with the Junior Varsity 8 ensuring at least a top-12 finish in their event.

The Varsity 8, Junior Varsity 8, and Third Varsity 8 all raced in morning heats, followed by repechage races in the afternoon.

"Day one at the IRA is really important for the team,” Head Coach Steve Todd said. “You test out all the work you've done against a lot of new teams." 

First to hit the water was the V8. Oregon State performed well, competing with Wisconsin and holding off a charging Syracuse boat at the end of the race. With a fourth place finish and a final time of 5:51.224, the Beavs later raced in the repechage later that afternoon.

The V8 crew had a better start and ran with Columbia in the early going. Midway through, Columbia extended their lead and Florida Tech was right alongside. In the last 500 meters, OSU was able to close the gap, but was unable to overtake the leader to move on to the A/B semifinal, finishing with a time of 5:43.249.

"We needed to be just a little better today to really reach our goal in the Varsity 8,” Todd said. “They've still got a great chance to take on some very fast crews and show their top speed."

Next up for the Beavs was the 2V8. The crew had a very spirited race in the morning heat and were pushing Boston University late in the race. Despite falling to Wisconsin earlier in the year at the Stanford Invite, the Beavers were able to finish ahead of Wisconsin today. With a third place finish and final time of 5:52.725, OSU headed to the afternoon repechage.

Oregon State started the race in a mission and took an early lead, making a very hard push to get out front and control the race. Dartmouth stayed right on their stern the whole race and never let the Beavers get comfortable. OSU held the lead at 5:48.995 and will move onto the A/B semifinal, while also securing no lower than a top-12 finish.

"These guys are clicking right now, we mixed in some freshmen and the boat speed has really picked up,” Todd said. “They're ready to make the most of their opportunity in the A/B Semi Finals and see if they can make it into the Grand Final with an upset performance tomorrow.”

The Third Varsity closed out day one for the Beavs, racing well and staying close to Yale and Wisconsin in the morning heat. OSU finished fifth with a time of 6:05.883, sending them to the afternoon repecahge.

The Beavers 3V8 repechage was one of the closest races of the day, with the top-5 finishers coming within 6.4 seconds of one another. The Beavs finished fifth with a time of 5:53.360, meaning that they will race in the third-level final on Sunday.

“The 3V8 made some great improvements from the morning’s race to the afternoon,” Todd said. “They ran right with the pack, in there with some very good teams.”

The IRA Championships continue tomorrow with semifinal races, where Oregon State’s V8 and 2V8 will be competing. Live times and results can be found here:

V8 (Heat 3)
1. California 5:40.679
2. BU 5:43.945
3. Wisconsin 5:49.261
4. Oregon State 5:51.224
5. Syracuse 5:53.239
6. Gonzaga 6:15.968

2V8 (Heat 1)
1. California 5:45.691
2. BU 5:49.729
3. Oregon State 5:52.725
4. Wisconsin 5:54.404
5. GWU 6:04.815
6. FIT 6:15.635

3V8 (Heat 1)
1. California 5:50.003
2. Northeastern 5:56.533
3. Wisconsin 6:02.465
4. Yale 6:02.767
5. Oregon State 6:05.883
6. Holy Cross 6:10.921

V8 (R2)
1. Columbia 5:40.610
2. FIT 5:42.770
3. Oregon State 5:43.249
4. USD 5:55.885

2V8 (R1)
1. Oregon State 5:48.995
2. Dartmouth 5:51.736
3. Gonzaga 5:53.282
4. Hobart 5:57.622

3V8 (R1)
1. Cornell 5:46.997
2. Navy 5:48.978
3. Pennsylvania 5:49.678
4. Wisconsin 5:49.771
5. Oregon State 5:53.360
6. Hobart 6:15.212