The Varsity 8

No. 18 OSU Narrowly Falls to No. 12 Stanford in V8

Photo By: Scobel Wiggins/Oregon State Athletics   04-13-2014

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Lake Vancouver, Wash. – The No. 18 Oregon State men’s rowing team narrowly fell to No. 12 Stanford in the Varsity 8 race, but was able to collect wins over the Cardinal in the Junior Varsity 8 and Third Varsity 8 races.

“It was a really good morning for Oregon State racing,” said Head Coach Steve Todd. “All three races were fun to watch.”

Oregon State and Stanford’s Varsity 8’s were the last to hit the water Sunday morning, and brought just as much excitement as the previous two races.

“The Varsity 8 had a good race,” Todd said. “They were able to hang with Stanford in the early going.”

Stanford got out to an early open water lead, but during the closing third of the race, Oregon State was able to pull neck and neck with the Cardinal.

“In the end, Oregon State brought it within a 0:02.46 second margin,” Todd said. “That’s the closest we’ve been with Stanford in years.”

The morning started with the Junior Varsity 8 and Third Varsity 8 races, and it was Oregon State’s crews that collected the wins.

The Junior Varsity 8 and the Third Varsity 8 were trailing Stanford for at least the first half of the race, the JV by a pretty solid margin. In the end, both were able to pass Stanford in the final stretch.

“Both the JV8 and 3V8 really executed the plan and raced the way we wanted them too,” Todd said. “It was exciting to watch both races.”

With two of three wins on the day, Todd and the Beaver squad are happy with their improvements thus far this spring.

“There were good races by all three boats,” Todd said. “Everybody stuck to the plan and performed very well.”

The Beavers hit the water again next weekend as they head to the Stanford Invitational in Redwood City, Calif.

“It’s exciting to look towards next weekend at the Stanford Invitational,” Todd said. “We get to take on Cal, one of the best teams in the country, Wisconsin, who has been untested, and the University of San Diego, a team that is really on the rise.”

1. OSU 6:05.61
2. Stanford 6:06.64

1. OSU 6:03.21
2. Stanford 6:05.31

1. Stanford 5:49.49
2. OSU 5:51.95.