Beavers Dominate V8 and 2V8 In Opener

Photo By: Dave Nishitani/Oregon State Athletics   03-08-2014

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LOWELL, Ore. - The Oregon State women's rowing team got the 2014 season underway on Saturday morning, as the Varsity 8 and Second Varsity 8 claimed first place finishes on the chilly waters of Dexter Lake in Lowell, Ore.

"Today was a great day for dealing with all sorts of race day adversity," Oregon State head coach Emily Ford said. "We had rough water, delays, hairy starts and boat-stopping crabs. In some boats, we did a nice job and capitalized on our opportunities in the face of this adversity. In others, we learned some very valuable early season lessons".

The Beavers Varsity 8 crew shined, finishing with a time of 6:39.73, followed by the University of Victoria (6:44.77) and Gonzaga (6:46.28).

The Second Varsity 8 followed suit, posting a 7:03.59 to finish ahead of Gonzaga (7:10.13) and Victoria (7:18.28). At the 1,000-meter mark, Gonzaga was up one length on OSU before catching a boat stopping crab.

Oregon State's Varsity 4 boats each finished behind Gonzaga, while the Novice 8 crew placed second in a three boat race with a time of 5:05.85.

Due to inclement weather conditions, the Open 8 race was cancelled.

"All-in-all, this was an incredibly beneficial day of racing for us and we are looking forward to putting the lessons of the day to work for us in practice this week," Ford said.

The Beavers return to the water on Saturday, Mar. 29 in the Pac-12 Women's Challenge, hosted in Redwood Shores, Calif.


UVIC 4:52.45
OSU 5:05.85
GONZ 5:22.64

OSU 6:39.73
UVIC 6:44.77
GONZ 6:46.28

GONZ 7:52.14
OSU 8:00.02

GONZ 7:57.08
OSU 8:23.06

OSU 7:03.59
GONZ 7:10.13
UVIC 7:18.28


Varsity 8
Coxswain: Simone Oberholzer
8: Katie Low
7: Julie Stark
6: Anna Taylor
5: Jessica Stewart
4: Emily Wright
3: Bre Burns
2: Saasha Bruce
1: Chen Oshri

Second Varsity 8
C: Lin Hill
8: Gabbi Smith-Tan
7: Ellen Pesek
6: Lauren Still
5: Hailey Hedlund
4: Tess O'Leary
3: Mikaela Kramer
2: Lihani DuPlessis
1: Tina Vernazza

Varsity 4+
C: Hailey Page
4: Justyn Jacobs
3: Lily Banks
2: Dana Parker
1: Samantha Anderlie

Second Varsity 4+
C: Sadie Boyle
4: Kinsey Matthews
3: Joely Hannan
2: Bridgett Eby
1: Athena Loos

Novice 8
C: Paulina Bui
8: Teague Teece
7: Ashley Haller
6: Lindsay Taylor
5: Karianna Crowder
4: Catherine Fitzsimmons
3: Katrina Goins
2: Lauren Han
1: Alyssa Beamer