Pac-12 Championships

Back-To-Back-To-Back Pac-12 Champs

Photo By: Mike Denison   03-02-2014

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Stanford, Calif. – The Oregon State wrestling team won its third consecutive Pac-12 Championship, with three wrestlers claiming individual titles on Sunday evening.

Session 2 Notes

Team Standings:
Oregon State: 155.5
Stanford: 134.0
Boise State: 128.5
Arizona State: 111.0
CSU Bakersfield: 109.5
Cal Poly: 74.5

The Beavers cruised to their third conference title, finishing over 20 points ahead of the runner-up, Stanford.

While all 10 Beaver wrestlers tallied top-three finishes, Joey Delgado (141), Scott Sakaguchi (149), and RJ Pena (157) each collect individual Pac-12 titles. Joe Latham (174), Meeks (197), and Dhesi (HWT) second-place finishes, and Pat Rollins (125), Joey Palmer (133), Toney Chay (165), and Austin Morehead (184) end the day with third-place finishes.

Automatic NCAA Berths:

Palmer (133) earned a third place finish with a win over CSU Bakersfield’s Mendoza. The Pac-12 was allotted three seeds at the 133 lb. weight class, meaning Palmer earns an automatic berth to nationals.

Delgado (141) won his first individual Pac-12 Championship, giving him an automatic berth into the NCAA Tournament. The Pac-12 was only given one tournament spot at 141 lbs., so Delgado won his way to the tournament.

Sakaguchi (149) won his second individual Pac-12 title, earning him an automatic bid to NCAA’s. Sakaguchi has been ranked all year and with this latest triumph, he will see a high seeding.

Pena (157) collected his second Pac-12 Championship, giving him an automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament. With one of the best records in the country and a conference title under his belt, Pena will be one of the top seeds in his weight class.

Latham (174) tallied a second-place finish after falling to CSU Bakersfield’s Hammond. The Pac-12 was allotted three seeds for the 174 lb. weight class, meaning that Latham’s second-place finish earns him an automatic bid to the show.

Morehead (184), finishing third at Pac-12's, earns an automatic berth to nationals as well. The Pac-12 was only allotted two bids at the 184 lb. weight class, which looked grim upon appearance for Morehead as he came in third. However, Morehead then won a wrestlback match for "true second" against ASU's Stauffer. As Morehead and Stauffer hadn't previously wrestled head to head this season, they battled it out for the "true second" finsih, and with the win, Morehead earned an automatic berth to the tourni.

Meeks (197) finished the tournament with a second-place mark, after being defeated by Stanford’s Scherer. The Pac-12 was given two allotments at the 197 lb. weight class, giving Meeks an automatic berth into the NCAA Tournament.

Dhesi (HWT), a true freshman, earned his way to the NCAA Tournament with a second-place finish behind Boise State’s J.T. Felix. With two allotments for the Pac-12 at HWT, Dhesi will round out the group of automatic bids.

As Rollins and Chay earned third-place finishes at Pac-12’s, they add to their resumes when the D1 Wrestling Association determines the 40 at-large bids. Those will be released March 12.

Session 1 Notes
Team Standings:
Oregon State: 116.0
Boise State: 103.5
Stanford: 98.0
Arizona State: 87.0
CSU Bakersfield: 81.0
Cal Poly: 70.0

Six Oregon State wrestlers will advance to the finals later this evening: Joey Delgado (141), Scott Sakaguchi (149), RJ Pena (157), Joe Latham (174), Taylor Meeks (197), and Amarveer Dhesi (HWT). With six, the Beavs advance the most wrestlers to the finals, followed by four from Boise State and Stanford, three from Arizona State, two from CSU Bakersfield, and one from Cal Poly.

Finals Matchups for OSU:
141: Joey Delgado vs. Ian Nickell (CSUB)
149: Scott Sakaguchi vs. Chris Castillo (Boise State)
157: RJ Pena vs. Joel Smith (Arizona State)
174: Joe Latham vs. Bryce Hammond (CSUB)
197: Taylor Meeks vs. Dan Sherer (Stanford)
HWT: Amarveer Dhesi vs. J.T. Felix (Boise State)

Automatic NCAA Berths:

Joe Latham (174) has already secured an automatic seed into the NCAA Tournament with his two wins thus far at Pac-12’s. The Pac-12 was awarded three allocations at the 174 weight class, and since Latham is guaranteed at least a second place finish at the conference tournament, he is definitely in. However, winning a Pac-12 title will give him a better seed into nationals.

Taylor Meeks (197) has also earned an automatic seed into NCAA’s. The Pac-12 was allotted two seeds from the 107 weight class, and Meeks is guaranteed a second place finish. Once again, winning a Pac-12 title is a huge stepping stone.

Amarveer Dhesi (HWT) is the third Beaver to secure an automatic seed into the NCAA Tournament. The Pac-12 was awarded two allotments at HWT, and Dhesi is guaranteed no lower than a second place finish. Yet, as stated above, each wrestler’s goal is the win the Pac-12 title at their weight class.

The Pac-12 was only awarded one allotment at 141, 149, and 157, meaning that Delgado, Sakaguchi, and Pena will need to win their final matchups in order to earn that automatic bid. All wrestlers who do not earn an automatic bod to NCAA’s will be considered as an at-large bid by the NCAA D1 Wrestling Association.

OSU’s Consolation Matchups:
125: Pat Rollins vs. Britain Longmire (CP
133: Joey Palmer vs. Kalin Goodsite (ASU)
165: Toney Chay vs. Holden Packard (BS)
184: Austin Morehead vs. Kent Beecham (CP)

All consolation matchups still have an opportunity to earn a third place finish heading into session two. Consolation rounds begin at 3:30 p.m., and the finals will air live on the Pac-12 Networks at 5 p.m. Updates are available at and

Tournament Results:
125: Evan Silver (Stan) decision Pat Rollins, 7-3
125: Pat Rollins major decision Britain Longmire (CP), 10-2
125: Pat Rollins major decision Ares Carpio (ASU), 12-4 (third)

133: Joey Palmer fall Ben DeMuelle (BS), 5:38
133: Ryan Mango (Stan) decision Joey Palmer, 6-5
133: Joey Palmer fall Kalin Goodsite (ASU), 2:05 (third)

141: Joey Delgado decision Matt Garelli (Stan), 7-2
141: Joey Delgado decision Matt Kraus (ASU), 5-1
141: Joey Delgado decision Ian Nickell (CSUB), 10-5 (first)

149: Scott Sakaguchi decision Preston McCalmon, 8-2
149: Scott Sakaguchi major decision Donovan Halpin, 10-1
149: Scott Sakaguchi decision Chris Castillo (BS), 6-5 (first)

157: RJ Pena BYE
157: RJ Pena major decision Steve Hernandez (BS), 10-1
157: RJ Pena major decision Joel Smith (ASU), 8-0 (first)

165: Toney Chay BYE
165: Jim Wilson major decision Toney Chay, 12-4
165: Toney Chay decision Holden Packard (BS), 3-1 (third)

174: Joe Latham major decision Ray Waters (ASU), 14-5
174: Joe Latham decision Dominic Kastl (CP), 11-8
174: Bryce Hammond (CSUB) fall Joe Latham, 3:43 (second)

184: Austin Morehead BYE
184: Jake Swartz decision Austin Morehead, 6-2
184: Austin Morehead major decision Kent Beecham, 9-0
184: Austin Morehead major decision Zach Nevills (Stanford), 8-0 (third)
184: Austin Morehead decision Blake Stauffer (ASU), 5-2 (true second)

197: Taylor Meeks major decision Josh DeSilveira (ASU), 16-2
197: Taylor Meeks decision Reuben Franklin, 5-1
197: Dan Scherer (Stanford) decision Taylor Meeks, 4-2 OT (second)

HWT: Amarveer Dhesi decision Chace Eskam (ASU), 6-3
HWT: Amarveer Dhesi major decision Spencer Empey (CP), 15-6
HWT: J.T. Felix (BS) decision Amarveer Dhesi, 7-1 (second)
HWT: Amarveer Dhesi major decision Josh Marchok (Stanford), 12-3 (true second)