Joe Latham

Beavs Narrowly Fall to Sun Devils 17-16

Photo By: Mike Denison   02-09-2014

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Tempe, Ariz. – The Oregon State wrestling team narrowly fell to Arizona State 17-16 on Sunday afternoon.

Oregon State was originally scheduled to compete against Boise State on Friday, but the meet was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. After spending upwards of 36 hours at the airport, the Beavers were finally able to catch a flight from Portland to Tempe for their Sunday matchup.

Starting at 125, the Sun Devils claimed the first three points as Ares Carpio won by a 6-2 decision over Pat Rollins. The Beavers bounced back at 133, though, as Drew Van Anrooy tallied a 3-2 decision over Kalin Goodsite, tying the score at three apiece.

Moving into 141, Arizona State’s Matthew Kraus topped Joey Delgado by a 13-1 major decision, bringing the score to 7-3. Oregon State seniors Scott Sakaguchi (149) and RJ Pena (157) got the Beavs back on track with two consecutive wins.

Sakaguchi claimed a 6-2 decision over Preston McCalmon, while Pena earned a 12-3 major decision over Joel Smith, giving the Beavs a 10-7 advantage and their first lead of the match.

Moving into 165, Arizona State’s Nickolas Rex won by a 5-2 decision over Toney Chay, evening the two squads at 10.

Oregon State’s Joe Latham (174) tallied the next victory for the Beavs with 9-5 decision over Raymond Waters, giving the Beavers a 13-10 lead. The Sun Devils collected the next two bouts, Blake Stauffer tallying a 17-8 major decision over Austin Morehead (184), and Wesley Moore earning a 6-2 decision over Zach Cardwell (197).

Heading into the last bout, Arizona State held a 17-13 lead over the Beavers. Oregon State’s Amarveer Dhesi earned a 5-1 decision over Chace Eskam, but it wasn’t enough to overtake the Sun Devils, finalizing the score at 17-16.

The Beavers next travel to Columbus for the National Duals, before finishing the season at the Pac-12 Championships and NCAA’s.

125: Ares Carpio decision Pat Rollins, 6-2 (OSU 0, ASU 3)
133: Drew Van Anrooy decision Kalin Goodsite, 3-2 (OSU 3, ASU 3)
141: Matthew Kraus major decision Joey Delgado, 13-2 (OSU 3, ASU 7)
149: Scott Sakaguchi decision Preston McCalmon, 6-2 (OSU 6, ASU 7)
157: RJ Pena major decision Joel Smith, 12-3 (OSU 10, ASU 7)
165: Nickolas Rex decision Toney Chay, 5-2 (OSU 10, ASU 10)
174: Joe Latham decision Raymond Waters, 9-5 (OSU 13, ASU 10)
184: Blake Stauffer major decision Austin Morehead, 17-8 (OSU 13, ASU 14)
197: Wesley Moore decision Zach Cardwell, 6-2 (OSU 13, ASU 17)
HWT: Amarveer Dhesi decision Chace Eskam, 5-1 (OSU 16, ASU 17)