What They Say About Tanya Chaplin

Photo By: Dave Nishitani/Oregon State Athletics   01-25-2014

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Oregon State's Tanya Chaplin established a new Oregon State record with her 318th victory as the head gymnastics coach. Several former gymnasts and UCLA head coach Valorie Kondos Field took time give their thoughts on Coach Chaplin's accomplishments.

ANNIE CAMPBELL (2002-02, 04) – “I think that Tanya's greatness, is a result of her dedication, quiet confidence, drive, and focus to be her best in every way. She gives everything she can without expecting anything in return. She cares deeply about her athletes as people and she leads through example. She is there day in and day out with you, through the good times and the difficult. Even in times of her own personal difficulties. I am extremely grateful to her for everything she has done for me. She always believed in, supported and went the extra mile to help me.”

LAURA-ANN CHONG (2007-10) – “Tanya’s greatness cannot be described in words, but in the way her gymnasts present themselves. You can see that Tanya is able to give the attention each gymnast needs to achieve their own greatness, while still keeping the team in mind. Even though it's been 3 seasons now where I haven't been one of her gymnasts competing out on the floor, we still keep in touch and I know that Tanya is always there to help me out when needed. Tanya truly cares for her gymnasts in all fields of life and I think that is why she's been so successful, so great at Oregon State.”

ELIZABETH JILLSON (SULLIVAN) (2000-03) – “I am so excited and proud of were Tanya has taken this program. She is an amazing woman and she inspired me to be a strong leader and to set goals. The best attribute about Tanya is that she is an amazing coach and she helps her athletes grow. She will educate you on preparing for the next chapter in life. She helps you get the confidence to pursue your next dream.”

“My favorite thing about Tanya is I admire her professionalism and her heart. For me she was a very positive role model in her style of leadership and being a women in power. I admire how she would try to connect with all of us. Her greatness is truly being able to motivate 15 strong young women to be united and to help us reach our goal.”

“Another amazing thing about Tanya I know she is still my cheerleader and a mentor. I have called her over the years to check in and she always has an amazing perspective. “

JEN KESLER (2008-11) – “Tanya is one of the most giving individuals I have ever met where she puts her athletes first. She empowers her athletes setting them up to be the most successful individuals they can be in the gym, the classroom and the future. She really focuses on developing the athlete to be a well-rounded person and brings out the best in each individual. The respect she has for her athletes and staff creates an environment of hard work and loyalty for us to give back to her and the program.”

VALORIE KONDOS FIELD, head coach UCLA – “Tanya was a tremendously successful athlete before she even came to UCLA, and she achieved even greater success not just as an athlete, but as a teammate and a team leader. So it is not a surprise that she has had the remarkable success she has had as the head coach at such a prominent program. I could not be more happy for or more proud of her.”

YUKI LAMB (IGARASHI) (2005-08)– “Tanya doesn't back down from anyone or anything that poses a challenge, and that relentless spirit is a huge part of why the program has been so successful under her leadership. She brings out the best of every athlete in the gym, in the classroom, and in those very formative years of growing into a young woman in college. Behind each of her record-setting wins are many athletes whom she also coached to excel in the classroom and to serve and respect the community. Under her direction, I learned to set higher expectations for myself in all areas of my life, because she taught me that I could have a greater impact and overcome more than I ever thought I could.”

CHRISSY LAMUN (2003-06) – “There are so many things that could be said of Tanya's greatness. Ultimately it comes down to her passion for helping develop young women into great women. Her success certainly stems from her vast knowledge of the sport and her ability to coach well beyond the gym floor. She makes you want to become better on a daily basis in the gym and in life. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity she gave me to become an Oregon State Gymnast, a PAC-10 champion, an All-American and most of all the best person that I could become and continue to strive to be. To this day she is one of the most influential people I have encountered.”

JAMI LANZ (BRESSLER) (2006-09) – “Tanya is not only a great coach but also a great mentor and role model, someone you respect and look up to. She knows how to bring out the best in each of her student-athletes by understanding each individual and their capabilities, whether it be in the gym, classroom, or living your life as a strong confident young woman. Tanya has done so many great things with this team and they truly deserve to go all the way, I know they have sure made her proud!”

LESLIE MAK (2009-12) – “Tanya is the best coach and leader I've worked with.  I felt an instant connection with her ever since she recruited me out of Toronto when I was 16.”

“I naively thought college gymnastics was going to be the watered down version of the elite gymnastics I was doing in high school...wrong! Tanya challenged me, believed in me, inspired me, and taught me how to communicate and lead. She made me into the gymnast I became, and has shaped me into the strong, confident woman I am today.”

“Beyond being an exceptional former gymnast and current gymnastics coach, Tanya is also a second mom, a leader, a mentor, and an excellent role model. I respect and appreciate all that she has done for myself and the program, and congratulate her on this well-deserved achievement!”

TANYA RICIOLI-HEBRON (2000, 02-04) –Tanya Chaplin holds the bar high. She demands that we are not only excellent in the gym, but in the classroom and the community as well. Underneath all of this, she is not only preparing us for competition, but for real life and its challenges. She continually molds us, developing skills that we will take and apply into our lives after gymnastics. In many ways Tanya Chaplin has helped me to make the journey from a girl into a woman. I will forever be grateful for all she has taught me and the amazing experience she allowed me to have at OSU. My years on the team were truly some of the best. I am so proud to forever be a part of this phenomenal team that Tanya has created.”

“Team. That is the focus of Tanya Chaplin. She always reminded us, ‘when each individual does their part, then the team will succeed.’ Tanya taught us how to be a team and work toward a common goal. She challenged us in ways that forced us to work together and depend on each other. She taught us to confront one another and hold each other accountable. We learned to encourage and push each other beyond our limits. That is the amazing thing about the team under Tanya; it has never been about the one individual, but has always been about the one team. Won by One.”

MANDI RODRIGUEZ (2007-10) – “Tanya’s success and record of career wins comes as no surprise to anyone involved with the Oregon State Gymnastics program. What Tanya has built and sustained in her time at Oregon State is nearly unmatched anywhere else in the country and will be her legacy for years to come. Integrity, passion, and the importance of teamwork and camaraderie are what Tanya strives to instill in her athletes, not only as gymnasts, but as people and in life. Tanya and Michael are some of the most caring and nurturing coaches that exist in collegiate sports today, and with that comes consistent success to their program and gymnasts who leave the program with a renewed love for their sport. It has been my personal privilege to compete for Oregon State Gymnastics during the Tanya Chaplin era, as well as receive her unyielding guidance and encouragement as her volunteer assistant coach.”

TASHA SMITH (2006-09) – “She brings out the best in her athletes all around and it shows with her achievements. I'm proud to say I was one of her athletes and had the opportunity to experience her greatness!”

OLIVIA VIVIAN (2009-12) – “Tanya is one of the most incredible and influential people I've had the pleasure working with. Her dedication to the team, school and family is so admirable and it's displayed out there on the floor at every meet. Tanya's never give up attitude is a key component to her success, not only in the gym but out as well. I will never forget my experience with Tanya here at OSU and I try to take everything she's taught me and apply it to my own life.”