Will Hudson

Catching Up With Will Hudson

Photo By: Oregon State Athletics   01-03-2014

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Will Hudson played for the Beavers from 1999-2002, helping the club to winning seasons his last three years in Corvallis. We caught up with the former liberal studies major to see what he’s up to now.

Where do you currently reside?
“Orange County, Calif.”

When was the last time you were in Corvallis?
“Fall of 2012.”

What qualities from your time at Oregon State do you notice yourself using in your current role?
“Hard work, persistence, respect, patience, commitment, and learning the true value of a dollar.”

What is your best non-baseball memory about Oregon State/Corvallis?
“Without a doubt, the lifelong friends that I’ve met and the good times, both on-and-off the field, we’ve had.”

What is your best baseball memory from your time at Oregon State? 
“Winning was always one of the better feelings. But what I remember the most was that gut-wrenching feeling of coming so close to making the postseason, but failing to get there.  Whether in sports or in business, this feeling of failure was one I will never forget and it’s motivated me to work even harder so I never have to experience the feeling again.”

What are you currently up to?
“I got married last October to my incredible wife, Kendall. We now have a 3-month-old daughter Kaila who’s already been sporting the Beaver apparel.

“I am also the Founder and Owner of Hudson Shuffleboards. We manufacture shuffleboards tables in various models and lengths for both residential and commercial use.  Our shuffleboards are made right here in the USA and shipped all over the world.  Our customers include Owen Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Bloomberg, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dana White, Disney, Courtney Cox, and Phil Mickelson.   

“Hudson Shuffleboards have been featured on the Today Show, ABC’s hit series ‘Revenge’, Spike TV’s ‘Auction Hunters’, Fox News, MTV’s ‘Fantasy Factory’, and the Grammy’s.  For more information, you can visit www.HudsonShuffleboards.com.”