RJ Pena. Photo taken by Sam Janicki

OSU Falls to No. 14 Michigan 20-12

Photo By: TBD   11-17-2013

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Ann Arbor, Mich. – The Oregon State wrestling team fell to No. 14 Michigan 20-12 on Sunday after 10 close bouts.

Michigan notched the first six points of the match as Conor Youtsey won by an 11-4 decision over OSU’s Pat Rollins (125), followed by Rosario Bruno who claimed an 8-3 decision over Drew Van Anrooy (133).

Oregon State’s Joey Delgado (141) got the Beavs back on track, defeating Michigan’s Angelo Latora by a 4-3 decision, narrowing the lead to just three.

Heading into the fourth bout, OSU’s Scott Sakaguchi (149) matched up against Michigan’s Eric Grajales. Michigan extended their lead to six after Granjales recorded a 10-6 decision over Sakaguchi, bringing the score to 9-3.

RJ Pena (157) earned three more points for the Beavers after his 9-7 decision over Michigan’s Jacob Salazar. Moving into the fifth bout, Michigan’s Daniel Yates recorded a 12-2 major decision over OSU’s Alex Elder (165), extending UM’s lead to 13-6.

Oregon State’s Joe Latham (174) brought good news for the Beavers with his 7-5 decision win over Benjamin Ralston, bringing the score to 13-9. However, Michigan’s Maxwell Huntley tallied an 11-2 major decision over Brian Engdahl (184), extending the lead to eight.

With two bouts to go, Taylor Meeks (197) matched up against Christopher Heald, and collected a 7-5 decision win, bringing the Beavers within five heading into the last bout.

Oregon State’s Amarveer Dhesi (HWT) closed out the match for the Beavers, but was topped by Michigan’s Adam Coon after a 7-2 decision, bringing the final score to 20-12 in favor of Michigan.

After earning a 3-0 record at the EMU Duals on Saturday, Oregon State heads home 4-1 on the weekend. The Beavers return to Corvallis Nov. 24 as they host Boise State in their home opener.


No. 6 Oregon State 12, No. 14 Michigan 20
125 – Conor Youtsey decision Pat Rollins, 11-4 (OSU 0, UM 3)
133 – Rosario Bruno decision Drew Van Anrooy, 8-3 (OSU 0, UM 6)
141 – Joey Delgado decision Angelo Latora, 4-3 (OSU 3, UM 6)
149 –Eric Grajales decision over Scott Sakaguchi, 10-6 (OSU 3, UM 9)
157 – RJ Pena decision Jacob Salazar, 9-7 (OSU 6, UM 9)
165 – Daniel Yates major decision Alex Elder, 12-2 (OSU 6, UM 13)
174 – Joe Latham decision Benjamin Ralston, 7-5 (OSU 9, UM 13)
184 – Maxwell Huntley major decision Brian Engdahl, 11-2 (OSU 9, UM 17)
197 – Taylor Meeks decision Christopher Heald, 7-5 (OSU 12, UM 17)
HWT – Adam Coon decision Amarveer Dhesi, 7-2 (OSU 12, UM 20)