20 Things You Didn't Know About Brandi Dawson

Photo By: TBD   09-03-2013

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Senior midfielder Brandi Dawson is entering her final season for the Oregon State Women’s Soccer Team, as well as her last year of school at OSU.  One of six children, and the only girl, Brandi has a caring disposition that makes her friendly off the field, yet at the same time, a toughness that makes her fearless on the pitch. Her quiet nature may hide her from the on-looking eye, but her sincerely genuine personality brings her center stage.

From her most memorable moment on the field at OSU, to her favorite food, get to know Brandi a little better.

1. Did you know Brandi maintains a 3.98 Grade Point Average?  After three years of classes in addition to being a student-athlete and having a job, Brandi is devoted to her studies and raises the bar and inspires other students and student athletes alike.

2. Brandi is majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences and minoring in Public Health. After college Brandi plans on working in healthcare. “Right now I’m planning on becoming a nurse. I will be going to nursing school after I finish here at Oregon State.”

3. As mentioned above, Brandi also maintains a job on campus. “I am one of the managers for the maintenance department at Dixon Recreational Center. I basically repair all of the exercise equipment.”

4. When she can find the time after soccer, school, and work, Brandi also has a favorite hobby. “I really love photography. I took my first class my sophomore year of high school and really got into film and photography. Ever since then I have just been doing it for fun.”

5. Brandi also likes to relax and watch a little bit of TV when she has the time. “My favorite TV show of all time is Friday Night Lights.”

6. As a member of OSU’s Women’s Soccer Team, Brandi has played soccer for most of her entire life, starting when she was just five years old. However, she didn’t get off to such a focused start. “I was five when I started and I kind of had trouble paying attention. My parents and coaches would tell me to stay in bounds and play, but I would just run around and knock over all of the chairs on the sidelines instead.”

7. Soccer wasn’t the only sport that Brandi played. “I also ran track in high school and did pole-vault. I actually broke the all-time freshman record.” A natural athlete, Brandi is always up for doing something active outdoors.

8. Eventually Brandi went on to play competitive soccer for a club team as well as for Oregon’s Olympic Development Program (ODP).  She played ODP for four years leading up to college soccer.

9. Looking back on her club soccer experience, one memory stands out in particular. “My favorite goal for my club team was during a tournament. We were down by two goals, and I scored off of a side bicycle kick. It was probably the coolest goal I have ever scored.”

10. Growing up playing soccer, Brandi had an idol that she looked up to for encouragement. “All through growing up my favorite professional athlete was definitely Mia Hamm. Ever since I found out who she was I thought she was the coolest person and I wanted to be just like her.”

11. Now that she plays at the highest collegiate level, Brandi has made some new memories while playing here at Oregon State. “My most memorable soccer moment as OSU was probably my first goal that I ever scored because it was my first game back after my knee surgery. I got in the game and was able to score with my head off a corner kick.”

12. Every college athlete can understand the difficulties of preseason, with double-days and non-stop training. When asked what she liked least about preseason, she was quick to answer: “Running, definitely the running.”

13. But to no surprise, Brandi can also find the positives. “I love all of preseason because I get to do my three favorite things, which is eat, sleep and play soccer.”

14. Speaking of eating, Brandi wrote the book on small girls with a huge appetite. When asked what her favorite food was, she had a hard time choosing just one. “Oh gosh, I love so many foods… Crab is probably my all-time favorite. I also love chocolate milk if that counts.” Lucky for Brandi, Oregon State provides their athletes with chocolate milk after every training session.

15. Why did she choose Oregon State in the first place? “Honestly, I never thought I would come to OSU.  But when I visited, I met some of the girls on the team and the coaches and I just thought they were really cool and that they wanted to take the program in the right direction.”

16. Four years later, Brandi stands by her decision. When asked what she is looking forward to this season, she said: “I really like the direction the coaches have taken the program and it looks like it’s going to be a really good year. And I’m hoping to step up and play my best during my senior year.”

17. As it is her final season in orange and black, Brandi is looking to make an impact for her team. “One of my personal goals is to get either a goal or an assist every other game. That is how I want to contribute to the team. As for our group as whole, I definitely want us the play the best that we can and hopefully make the NCAA tournament.”

18. So far this season, Brandi has notched one game-winning goal for the Beavers. Looking back, Brandi remembers the first goal she every scored for Oregon State. “I remember my first goal was against Florida International. It was off a corner kick and I headed it in.” Unsurprisingly, Brandi’s first goal of the 2013 season was also a header off a corner kick.

19. Brandi’s presence on the field is undeniable for many reasons, one of which is the number she wears on her jersey: #1. “I don’t know why but #1 just kind of called to me and I’ve always stuck with it.”

20. If you can’t spot her number, then you’ll definitely recognize Brandi by her bright, teal cleats. Two years in a row Brandi has sported fancy, teal Nikes on the pitch. “Teal is definitely my favorite color and I was able to get teal cleats last year and now this year too. I plan on wearing teal cleats forever now.”

Be sure to catch Brandi and the rest of the Oregon State Women’s Soccer Team as they host their annual Nike Invitational this Weekend at Paul Lorenz Field.