Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a partnership of the student athletes representing all 17 sports at Oregon State. Each year the SAAC elects an executive board, decides on various community service projects and events are discussed and planned. This leadership group is a governance organization which provides input and assistance in the management of these community service events, provides leadership opportunities and communication to administration. SAAC focuses on levels of student welfare and provides guidance for proposed legislation at the PAC-12 Conference and NCAA levels.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee
2012-13 Executive Board

Stephanie McGregor

Travis Anderson
Vice President

Hilary Polis
Women's Rowing

Joshua Smith

Chelsea Lind
Women's Golf
Community Relations

Hannah Casey
Team Relations

Daniel Jones
Men's Basketball
Student Welfare/Varsity "O"

Lauren Fischer
Women's Golf
ASOSU Representative/Greek Life

Maggie Doremus
Public Relations

Megan Miller
Public Relations

Erica Nelson
Public Relations

Oregon State University
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Constitution
April 2012

I. SAAC Mission:

  • A. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) promotes communication between student- athletes, athletic department faculty, and the OSU community. SAAC gives a voice and a venue to athletic team members and the athletic department. SAAC creates a positive environment for all OSU students by organizing and supporting events and activities that benefit the entire community.
  • B. Goals: 1. Foster Student-Athlete Welfare.
    2. Increase Team relations.
    3. Improve Involvement in the Community.
  • C. The SAAC's philosophy is to be inclusive and go forward with integrity. 1. To be true to our word!
    2. Do what we say we're going to do.

II. SAAC Committee:

  • A. Purpose is to: 1. Promote communication between athletic administration and student-athletes.
    2. Disseminate information.
    3. Provide feedback and insight to athletic department issues.
    4. Generate a student-athlete voice within the campus athletic department formulation of policies.
    5. Build a sense of community within the athletic program involving all athletic teams.
    6. Solicit student-athlete responses to proposed conference and NCAA legislation.
    7. Organize community service efforts.
    8. Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus.

III. Membership:

  • A. Each team, except football, will be represented by two individuals. Cross country and Track is counted as one team.
  • B. Football will be represented by four individuals. 1. Selection: Previous SAAC member must select each representative from his or her team. Ideally the two members will be separated by two years. In the event a student athlete becomes medically ineligible, he/she will still be allowed to participate as a SAAC representative.
    2. Alternatives: If current member is unable to attend a meeting, they are responsible to find a replacement for that night.
    3. Each team is allowed one trainee, this person is considered on SAAC, but does not have the power to vote.
    4. Any member of any team may come to any meeting if they so choose, but they do not have the power to vote.
    5. All voting members and officers of SAAC must be currently enrolled for at least 12 credits at Oregon State University and pay student fees.
    6. You may be enrolled in less than 12 credits during your final term of your Baccalaureate program provided it is verified by the Confirmation of Graduation Status form available in the Compliance Office.
    7. Officers shall have earned at least 6 credit hours in their most recently completed term.
    8. Members shall not be in required mandatory study hall.
    9. Members shall not be on disciplinary probation.
    10. Members shall not be first term, first year student athletes (freshman).
    11. Officers shall have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 and not have been on probation for the most recently completed term prior to the term of election.
    12. Membership shall not be denied to any student on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran status.

IV. Officers:

  • A. President: 1. Presides over meetings following Roberts Rules of Order.
    2. Sets the agenda for meetings.
    3. Serves as liaison to the Athletic Department.
    4. Functions as spokesperson from OSU to community.
    5. Creates new committees and appoints committee chairperson.
    6. Be sitting representative at monthly Coaches meetings, Athletic Advisory Committee meetings, Athletics Intermediary Committee meetings, and Student Athlete Welfare meetings
    7. Ensures all purposes of SAAC are carried out to the best of his/her ability.
  • B. Vice-President: 1. Presides over meetings and functions when President is absent in accordance to Roberts Rules of Order.
    2. Oversees all standing committees and reports to Executive Board any relevant information.
    3. Performs such duties as are incidental to the office and which are required of the office by the Committee.
  • C. Secretary:
    1. Shall take attendance by a sign in sheet, which will be turned in or e-mailed to the Director of Life Skills within 48 hours of each meeting.
    2. Is responsible for taking active minutes of the meeting, and getting them to the Director of Life Skills within 48 hours of each meeting.
    3. Makes sure that the window display outside of the Academic area in Gill (2nd floor) is up dated periodically as well as the bulletin board in the Sports Performance Center.
  • D. Treasurer/ Scholarships: 1. Keep record in logbook of every transaction made by the Vice-President.
    2. Handles all monetary transactions with the Memorial Union Clubs, when necessary.
    3. Responsible for the food (Domino's Pizza-4 or 5) at meetings.
    4. Research and distribute information on college, conference, and national scholarships.
  • E. Public Relations:
    1. Will be liaison to Sports Information Department and Video Operations.
    2. Be sitting representative at Everyday Champion meetings.
    3. Works closely with President on matters which require an official statement.
    4. Will be Chairperson for "The Other Side & Silent Auction."
  • F. Student-Athlete Welfare/ Varsity "O" Liaison: 1. Responsible for the activities of the committee.
    2. Ensures all purposes of the committee are carried to the best of his/her ability.
    3. Field comments from teams and voice relevant issues at SAAC meetings for a reasonable solution.
    4. Be sitting representative at Student Athlete Welfare meetings.
    5. Serve as a liaison to Varsity "O" and facilitate collaborative events as well as form social networks with recent alumni.
  • G. Team Relations: 1. Responsible for the activities of the Committee.
    2. Ensures all purposes of the committee are carried to the best of his/her ability.
    3. Duties will include announcements/coordination of Orange Games activities, tabulation of points for Beaver Cup.
    4. Will be Chairperson for "The Fall Carnival" a Fall term activity.
    5. Will be the student administrator for the SAAC Facebook Group of OSU.
    6. Facilitates and plans functions that encourage inter-team relations.
  • H. Community Involvement: 1. Responsible for the activities of the committee.
    2. Ensures all purposes of the committee are carried out to the best of his/her ability.
    3. Will be Chairperson for "Valet Parking"; two events in Winter term.
    4. Organize and create various Community Service events.
    5. Record hours involved in community service; give hours to Director of Life Skills.
    6. Understand and know what the PAC-10 Community Service initiative is for the academic year (2010-11 will be Special Olympics).
  • I. ASOSU Delegate and Greek Life Liaison. 1. Responsible for attending ASOSU meeting and informing SAAC of pertinent issues within the OSU governance.
    2. Attend meetings with Panallenic and Intra Fraternity Council when possible-assisting in bridging the gap between these organizations, SAAC and student athletes.
    V. Representatives: A. Two voting members and one trainee from each team. 1. Members may only miss meetings for:
    a. Competition
    b. Midterm & Final Testing
    c. Illness
    B. Must let the Advisor know if you cannot attend a meeting. C. At all times SAAC members must keep their teams educated about relevant issues discussed during SAAC meetings.
    D. Must act as leaders and liaisons within their teams.
    E. Adhere to deadlines when submitting and responding to all forms of correspondence from staff and other SAAC members.
    F. Follow all guidelines for meetings, constitution, and executive board.
    G. Know and understand Roberts Rules of Order.
    H. If for any reason an Executive Officer is unable to continue their SAAC duties, the runner up to the elected officer will be asked to step into the position for the remainder of the academic year. If the runner up is not available the President may appoint a new executive office after conferring with remaining Executive Officers.

VI. Advisors

    A. Advisors will be available to answer questions and to provide support, guidance and shall work with officers and executive committee in conducting the business of the committee. The advisor serves as a liaison to the Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics.
    1. Associate AD for Life Skills: Chief Advisor
    2. Senior Women's Administrator
    3. Associate AD for Compliance
    4. Associate AD for Sport Administrators
    5. Athletic Director
    6. Faculty Athletic Representative

VII. Voting

    A. In general: Each member will be allowed to cast 1 ballot vote to elect the Executive Board. Candidates interested in positions will fill out which committee they are interested in the meeting in approximately week two of Spring Term. Then the ballot will be made for the next meeting.
    1. In a floor vote the two voting members may cast one ballot each
    2. Designated voting members for the following year are the only people allowed to run for an elected position
    3. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure may not be from the same team. (Amended May 2010)
    B. Voting will take place approximately the fourth week of spring term
    C. Each team is allowed one trainee but will not be allowed to vote.
    D. Amendments: Amendments will be made with 2/3-majority vote.

VIII. Responsibilities and Expectations

    A. Due to their involvement at the local and team level, SAAC members must act as leaders and liaisons within their teams.
    B. Members must remember that they represent the National Collegiate Athletic Association and are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner both inside and outside committee meetings. The committee and staff will handle any necessary disciplinary actions.
    C. Adhere to deadlines when submitting and responding to all forms of correspondence from staff and other SAAC members.

SAAC Meetings and Minutes for Fall Term

  • October 1, 2012
  • October 15, 2012
  • October 29, 2012
  • November 12, 2012
  • November 26, 2012

SAAC Meetings Winter Term 2013

  • January 7, 2013
  • January 14, 2013
  • January 28, 2013
  • February 11, 2013
  • February 25, 2013
  • March 4,2013