Mailing Address:
Oregon State University
114 Gill Coliseum
Corvallis, OR 97331

Telephone: 541-737-7373

Email Inquiries:

All numbers below are 541 area code unless otherwise noted

Office: 541-737-7373   Fax: 541-737-7363
Stansbury, Todd Vice President/Director of Athletics    
Spatafora, Joey Faculty Athletic Representative (Sabbatical)  
Hooker, Karen Faculty Athletic Representative  
Lassiter, Zack Deputy Athletics Director for External Operations  
Massari, Mark Deputy Athletics Director for Capital Projects & Internal Operations  
Vydra, Marianne Deputy Athletics Director for Administration 737-7496
Aukerman, Dr. Doug Senior Associate Athletic Director, Sports Medicine 231-6917  
Massey, Kimya Senior Associate Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development  
Pifer, Kyle Senior Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 737-7369  
Patterson, Jim Senior Associate Athletic Director, Senior Director of Development 737-9563
Bruns, Jacque Associate Athletic Director, Business Operations 737-0851
Fenk, Steve Associate Athletic Director, Athletic Communications 737-3720
Halischak, Dr. Kate Associate Athletic Director, Academics 737-9338
Keisler, Jeff Associate Athletic Director For Sales, Service And Ticket Operations  
Macy, Jeff Associate Athletic Director, Sports Performance 737-8680
Nyborg, Zach Associate Athletic Director for Football Operations 737-2614
TBD, Chief of Staff 737-7373


Halischak, Dr. Kate Associate Athletic Director 737-9338
Bailey, Ardell Academic Counselor 737-1104
Edwards, Clint  Learning Services Specialist 760-9920
Grubert, Katrina Academic Counselor 737-1105
Rodriguez, Mandi Academic Counselor 737-4026
Tucknott, Darr Academic Counselor  
Yager, Paul  Academic Counselor 737-1103
Athletic Communications
Phone: 541-737-3720
Fenk, Steve Associate Athletic Director (Football) 737-3720
Amberg, Jason Assistant Director (Football, Gymnastics, Rowing) 737-3720
Cramer, Trevor Assistant Director (Soccer, Women's Basketball) 737-3720
Hager, Hank Assistant Director (Baseball, Social Media Coordinator) 737-3720
Schoeffler, Shawn Assistant Director (Men's Basketball, Golf) 737-3720
Hatch, Brooks Communications Assistant (Director of Writing, Cross Country, Wrestling, Track & FIeld) 737-3720
Slaman, Rob Communications Assistant (Volleyball, Swimming, Softball) 737-3720
Biggs, Dr. Dana Director of Athletic Bands 737-0544
Office: 541-737-0598   Fax: 541-737-2246
Casey, Pat Head Coach 737-0598
Bailey, Pat Associate Head Coach 737-7484
Yeskie, Nate Assistant Coach 737-0598
Jenkins, Andy Assistant Coach 737-0598
Northcutt, Ron Director of Operations 737-0598
Office: 541-737-2076   Fax: 541-737-6179
Tinkle, Wayne Head Coach 737-2076
Rupp, Kerry Associate Head Coach 737-2076 
Gottlieb, Gregg Assistant Coach 737-2076
Thompson, Stephen Assistant Coach 737-2076
Paulson, Kurt Director of Basketball Operations 737-2076 
Wortham, Rachi Director of Player Personnel 737-2076 
Office: 541-737-2800   Fax: 541-737-7882
Rueck, Scott Head Coach 737-2800
Chatterton, Jonas Assistant Coach 737-2800
Close, Mandy Assistant Coach 737-2800
Ely, Eric Assistant Coach 737-2800
Rissmiller, Sharon Director of Operations 737-2800
Clark, Liz Director of Player Personel 737-2800
Beaver Sports Properties
Office: 541-737-8364   Fax: 541-737-8365
Sullivan, Steve General Manager 737-8364
Kolasinski, Matt Associate General Manager  
Motta, Lucas Senior Account Sales Executive 737-8364
Frost, Ian Account Executive 737-8364
Scanlon, Parker Sales Coordinator 789-8322
Parker, Mike Play-by-Play
Beyond Football
Spiegelberg, Scott Director - Beyond Football 737-8396
Gross, Kayla Program Coordinator - Beyond Football  
Business Office
Office: 541-737-2785   Fax: 541-737-3570
Bruns, Jacque Associate Athletic Director Business Operations 737-0851
Haldeman, Garrett, Travel and Insurance 737-7479
Laam, Mel Office Specialist 737-1709
Seymour, Mary Office Manager 737-7370
Wright, Sally Administrative Program Specialist 737-7476
Bezates, Amber Coach 737-5593
Office: 541-737-7369   Fax: 541-737-3242
Pifer, Kyle Senior Associate Athletic Director 231-5891 
Strong, Jason Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance 243-3634
Ulrey, Diana Assistant Director of Compliance 737-7369
Wright, Rachel Compliance Coordinator 737-0749
Cross Country & Track and Field
Sullivan, Kelly Head Coach  
Burns, Tamara Assistant Coach  
Cram, Collin Assistant Coach  
Gall, Geena Director of Operations  
McCoy, Steve Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment Operations 737-2481
Alcantar, Arnold Football Equipment Coordinator 737-7831
Martin, Anthony Athletic Equipment Manager 737-8843
Jacob, Todd Assistant Equipment Manager 737-7831
Bany, Evan Equipment Coordinator 737-7831
Facilities & Event Operations
Gibson, Jake Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities and Operations 737-1618
Greulich, Tyler Director of Event Operations 737-8785
Kirk, Al Manager of Facility Operations 737-2328
Taylor, Jeff Event Manager 737-9379
Kevin Blank Event Manager  
Frost, Jeff Maintenance 737-2328
Gross, Scott Maintenance 737-2328
Lewis, Jess Maintenance 737-2328
Reisdorf, Eric Maintenance 737-2328
Siewell, Matt Maintenance 737-2328
Office: 541-737-2614   Fax: 541-737-3135
Andersen, Gary Head Coach 737-2614
Sitake, Kalani Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator 737-2614
Baldwin, Dave Offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends 737-2614
Brennan, Brent Assistant Coach - Wide Receivers 737-2614
Kauha'aha'a, Chad Assistant Coach - Defensive Line 737-2614
Lockette, Telly Assistant Coach - Running Backs 737-2614
McGiven, Kevin Assistant Coach - Quarterbacks 737-2614
Odum, Derrick Assistant Coach - Defensive Backs 737-2614
Tuiaki, Ilaisa Assistant Coach - Linebackers 737-2614
Woods, T.J. Assistant Coach - Offensive Line 737-2614
Nyborg, Zach Associate Athletic Director for Football Operations 737-2614
Thomas, Jason Director of Football Operations/Student Services 737-2614
Bigelow, Zak Assistant Director of Football Operations 737-2614
Guinta, Vince Director of Player Personnel 737-2614
Yray, Darrick Assistant Director of Player Personnel 737-2614
Andersen, Keegan Graduate Assistant - Offense 737-2614
Seumalo, Andrew Graduate Assistant - Defense 737-2614
Wozniak, Brian Graduate Assistant - Offense 737-2614
Cummings, Kevin Quality Control - Offense 737-2614
Moevao, Lyle Quality Control - Offense 737-2614
Oglesby, Josh Quality Control - Offense 737-2614
Schaderberg, Grant Quality Control - Offense 737-2614
Schindler, Nick Quality Control - Defense 737-2614
Singler, Mitch Quality Control - Offense 737-2614
Smith, Dorian Quality Control - Defense 737-2614
Radford, Cameron Director of Football Video 737-8213
McGillivray, Ian Assistant Director of Football Video  
Fax: 541-737-0934
Reehoorn, Jon Head Coach 207-5371
Motomochi, Jonnie Assistant Coach 207-8081
Fax: 541-737-4950
Chergo, Sammie Head Coach 224-1292
Shockley, Dawn Assistant Coach  
Fax: 541-737-0976
Chaplin, Tanya Head Coach 230-0635
Chaplin, Michael Associate Head Coach 230-0636
Amato, Brian Assistant Coach 224-1320
Foxal, Dick Director of Special Projects 737-2823
Whisenhunt, Bea Director of Operations 737-1969
Information Technology
Higgins, Kyle Information Technology  
Life Skills
Johnson, Linda Assistant Athletic Director for Lifeskills/Student Development 737-6804
Fax: 541-737-3570
Elcano, Sara Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing 737-5311
Garcia, Carlos Marketing, Groups & Community Engagement Coordinator 737-1085
Little, Ben Director of Advertising/Branding 224-4366
Marstall, Macall Marketing Coordinator 207-4493
Our Beaver Nation
Office: 541-737-2370   Fax: 541-737-2929
Patterson, Jim Senior Associate Athletic Director, Senior Director of Development 737-9563
Markel, Nicole Assistant Athletic Director, Donor Relations & Stewardship 737-3362 
Nelson, Scott Assistant Athletic Director, Development 737-2370
Allen, Tim Assistant Director, Communications & Donor Relations 737-9649
Bernard, Yvenson Our Beaver Nation Discovery Officer  
Bjornstad, Kyle Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Varsity OSU Director 737-9693
Burch, Roz Assistant Director of Donor Relations 737-2370
Kanan, Mat Director of Communications for Athletics Development 737-9311
Mays, Jennifer Director of Events 737-7364
McCaulley, Rebecca Administrative Assistant, Events & Donor Relations 737-3372
Meiggs, Lindsay Assistant Director of Annual Giving for Athletics 737-3361
Oxsen, Doug Director of Development 737-7486
Spiegelberg, Barry Director of Development - Portland 503-553-3402
Rorabaugh, Michael Director of Development 737-3368
Siewell, Mark Senior Accounting Technician 737-7361
Winkler, Gabe Head Coach 257-7287
Engblom, Dameon Assistant Coach 224-1521
Ford, Emily Head Coach 207-2674
Scaglione, Vita Associate Head Coach 230-0671
Harrison, Dan Assistant Coach  
Schneider, John Rigger  
Simmons, Steve Head Coach  
Hoffman, Logan Assistant Coach  
Stoddard, Ben Assistant Coach 760-9065
Rhode, Linus Head Coach 207-2636
Voiland, Michelle Assistant Coach 207-4280
Pohl, Eric Assistant Coach 207-6524
Fax: 541-737-4950
Berg, Laura Head Coach 737-2789
Green, Marcie Associate Head Coach 737-2789
Vail, Aaron Assistant Coach 737-2789 
Smith, Mikiah Assistant Coach 737-2789
Smith, Heather Director of Operations 737-2789
Sports Medicine
Fax: 541-737-0864
Aukerman, Dr. Doug Senior Associate Athletic Director/Sports Medicine 231-6917
Tedeschi, Fred Director of Athletic Training Services  
Graham, Dr. Craig Team Physician  
Pennington, Dr. Donald Orthopedic Surgeon  
Vela, Dr. Luis Orthopedic Surgeon  
Wobig, Dr. Ronald Orthopedic Surgeon  
Elkinton, Heather Assistant Athletic Trainer (Softball/Football) 737-3212
Fregoso, Tom Associate Athletic Trainer (Men's Basketball/Women's Golf) 737-4188
Gaul, Stephen Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 737-3578 
Graff, Deb Associate Athletic Trainer (Gymnastics/Men's Golf) 737-2139
Homan, Katie Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Soccer) 257-7252 
Iso, Ariko Head Football Athletic Trainer 737-3578
Lieuw, Jason Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball/Women's Crew) 737-0935
Norcross, Emily Assistant Athletic Trainer (Cross Country/Track & Field) 737-4923 
Rumsey, Christopher Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Soccer/Swimming) 737-7322 
Strong, Amanda Assistant Athletic Trainer (Volleyball) 231-5040
Swee, Mitch Assistant Athletic Trainer (Wrestling/Football)  
Therrien, Josh Assistant Athletic Trainer (Baseball) 737-8544
Cronin, Baker G.A. (Football) 737-7322 
Pollard, Anne G.A. (Cross Country/Track & Field) 737-3578 
Kasianchuk, Stasi Sports Dietician  
Sports Performance Center
Macy, Jeff Associate Athletic Director/Sports Performance  
Simon, Evan Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach  
Anderson, Chris Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator  
Batayola, Izzy Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator  
Cloward, Micah Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator  
Johnson, Michael Assistant Sports Performance Center Coordinator  
Komatsubara, Kurt Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator  
Martinez, Juan Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator  
Smith, Mike GA Football Strength and Conditoning  
Fax: 541-737-2140
Liebowitz, Larry Head Coach 737-1075  
Jackson, Jamie Assistant Coach 673-1851
Ticket Office
Office: 541-737-4455   Fax: 541-737-7895
Keisler, Jeff Associate Athletic Director For Sales, Service And Ticket Operations  
Maisel, Aaron Assistant Director For Ticket Operations 737-4455
Phillpott, Bailey Assistant Director for Ticket Operations 737-4455
Knapp, Luann Customer Service Representative 737-4455
Sauvage, Shannon Customer Service Representative 737-4455
Sugden, Pam Customer Service Representative 737-4455
Windom, Linda Customer Service Representative 737-4455
Beaver Tickets powered by Pac-12 Sales
Amidon, Russ Director of Sales 737-8638
Brandone, Maria Account Executive 737-1720
Miller, Ashton Account Executive 737-1726
Varsity OSU
Bjornstad, Kyle Assistant Director of Annual Giving/Varsity OSU Director 737-9693
Video Operations
TBD, Director of Video Operations 230-0668
Backman, Tom Video Coordinator  
Edison, Eric Video Coordinator  
Radford, Cameron Director of Football Video 737-8213
Fax: 541-737-8502
Liskevych, Terry Head Coach 737-7491
Barnard, Mark Associate Head Coach 737-4940
Hiza, Emily Assistant Coach 737-7707
Quinn, Jessica Director of Operations  
Levoe, Andy Volunteer Assistant Coach  
Fax: 541-737-1227
Zalesky, Jim Head Coach 230-0599
Steiner, Troy Associate Head Coach  
Roberts, Kevin Assistant Coach 230-0613
TBA, Volunteer Assistant