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Staff Directory
Courtesy: Oregon State Athletics
Release: 04/16/2013
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 Mailing Address:
Oregon State University
114 Gill Coliseum
Corvallis, OR 97331

Telephone: 541-737-7373

Email Inquiries:

Office: 541-737-7373   Fax: 541-737-7363
De Carolis, Bob Director of Athletics 541-737-7373
Vydra, Marianne Senior Woman Administrator/Senior Associate AD 541-737-7496
Aukerman, Dr. Doug Senior Associate Athletic Director/Sports Medicine 541-231-6917
Clifford, Robert Senior Associate Athletic Director, Sports and Administration 541-737-9580
Heilbron, Shawn Senior Associate Athletic Director, Development 541-737-2370
Pifer, Kyle Senior Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 541-231-5891 
Spencer, Mark Senior Associate Athletic Director, Business 541-207-7498
Halischak, Kate Associate Athletic Director, Academics 541-737-9338
Fenk, Steve Associate Athletic Director, Athletic Communications 541-737-3720
Macy, Jeff Director of Sports Performance  
Fedorowicz, Allie Manager, Athletic Operations 541-737-7373


Halischak, Kate Associate Athletic Director 541-737-9338
Bailey, Ardell Counselor 541-737-1104
Grubert, Katrina Counselor 541-737-1105
O'Quin, Megan Counselor 541-737-4026
Smithers, Laura Counselor 541-737-1106
Yager, Paul Counselor 541-737-1103
Athletic Communications
Office: 541-737-3720   Fax: 541-737-3072
Fenk, Steve Associate Athletic Director (Football) 541-737-3720
Amberg, Jason Assistant Director (Football, Gymnastics) 541-737-3720
Cantalupi, John Assistant Director (Women's Basketball, Track & Field) 541-737-3720
Hager, Hank Assistant Director (Baseball, Volleyball) 541-737-3720
Schoeffler, Shawn Assistant Director (Men's Basketball, Golf) 541-737-3720
Cramer, Trevor Communications Assistant (Men's Soccer, Softball, Swimming) 541-737-3720
Miller, Megan Communications Assistant (Women's Soccer, Wrestling, Rowing) 541-737-3720
Biggs, Dr. Dana Director of Athletic Bands 541-737-0544
Chapman, Robyn Athletic Bands  
Office: 541-737-0598   Fax: 541-737-2246
Casey, Pat Head Coach 541-737-0598
Bailey, Pat Assistant Coach 541-737-7484
Yeskie, Nate Assistant Coach 541-737-0598
Jenkins, Andy Assistant Coach 541-737-0598
Northcutt, Ron Director of Operations 541-737-0598
Office: 541-737-2076   Fax: 541-737-6179
Robinson, Craig Head Coach 541-737-2076
Stewart, Doug Associate Head Coach 541-737-7381
Pomeday, Nate Assistant Coach 541-737-7384
Owens, Freddie Assistant Coach 541-737-7382
Kennedy, Joe Director of Player Personnel 541-737-6450
Kirkpatrick, Jaimee Operations Manager 541-737-2076
Office: 541-737-2800   Fax: 541-737-7882
Rueck, Scott Head Coach 541-737-2800
Ely, Eric Assistant Coach 541-737-2800
Close, Mandy Assistant Coach 541-737-2800
Shearer, Ashley Director of Operations 541-737-2800
Trask, Elise Assistant Director of Operations 541-737-2800
Beaver Authentics
Office: 541-737-6720   Fax: 541-737-6721
Matthis, Patrick 541-737-6720
Tibbot, James 541-737-6720
Beaver Sports Properties
Office: 541-737-8364   Fax: 541-737-8365
Sullivan, Steve General Manager 541-737-8364
Spiegelberg, Barry Assistant General Manager 503-553-3401
Syring, Will Account Executive, Beaver Sports Properties 541-737-8364
Burke, Stuart Account Executive 541-737-8364
Scanlon, Parker Sales Coordinator 503-789-8322
Parker, Mike Play-by-Play
Business Office
Office: 541-737-2785   Fax: 541-737-3570
Spencer, Mark Associate Athletic Director 541-737-2136
Bruns, Jacque Assistant Athletic Director Business Operations 541-737-0851
Seymour, Mary Office Specialist 541-737-7370
Wright, Sally Office Specialist 541-737-7476
Haldeman, Garrett Accounting Technician 541-737-7479
Bezates, Amber Coach 541-737-5593
Office: 541-737-7369   Fax: 541-737-3242
Pifer, Kyle Senior Associate Athletic Director 541-231-5891 
Ransome, Katrina Compliance Coordinator 541-231-9531
Strong, Jason Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance  
Ulrey, Diana Assistant Director of Compliance 541-737-7369
Cross Country & Track and Field
Sullivan, Kelly Head Coach 541-737-6010
Floeck, Travis Assistant Coach 541-737-6010
Harmon, Laura Assistant Coach 541-737-6010
Cram, Collin Assistant Coach 541-737-6010
McCoy, Steve Director of Equipment Operations 541-737-2481
Alcantar, Arnold Football Equipment Coordinator 541-737-7831
Martin, Anthony Athletic Equipment Manager 541-737-8843
Jacob, Todd Assistant Equipment Manager 541-737-7831
Event Management
O'Quin, Jason Director of Event Management 541-737-9379
Brier, Kathy Director of Event Operations 541-737-8785
Office: 541-737-2614   Fax: 541-737-3135
Riley, Mike Head Coach 541-737-2614
Banker, Mark Defensive Coordinator 541-737-2614
Read, Bruce Coordinator of Special Teams 541-737-2614
Langsdorf, Danny Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach 541-737-2614
Brasfield, Chris Running Backs Coach 541-737-2614
Bray, Trent Linebackers Coach 541-737-2614
Brennan, Brent Wide Receivers Coach 541-737-2614
Cavanaugh, Mike Offensive Line Coach 541-737-2614
Perry, Rod Secondary Coach 541-737-2614
Seumalo, Joe Defensive Line Coach 541-737-2614
Thompson, Tavita Graduate Assistant -- Offensive Line 541-737-2614
Kristick, Keaton Graduate Assistant -- Linebackers 541-737-2614
Moevao,Lyle Graduate Assistant -- Quarterbacks 541-737-2614
Smith, Dorian Graduate Assistant -- Defensive Line 541-737-2614
Darlin, Alan Graduate Assistant -- Defensive Line 541-737-2614
Locey, Jay Chief of Staff 541-737-2614
Beck, Gary Coordinator of Support Services 541-737-6623
Van De Riet, Dan Director of Football Operations 541-737-2224
Gunderson, Ryan Asst. Director of Player Personnel 541-737-7460
O'Bryan, Hilary Asst. Director of Football Operations 541-737-7450
Vaughn, Greg  Football Video Operations Director 541-737-8213
Radford, Cameron Assistant Director of Football Video 541-737-8213
Spiegelberg, Scott Administration  
Fax: 541-737-0934
Reehoorn, Jon Head Coach 541-207-5371
Motomochi, Jonnie Assistant Coach 541-207-8081
Fax: 541-737-4950
Alexander, Rise Head Coach 541-230-0642
Kerkvliet, Kelly Assistant Coach 541-207-4267
Fax: 541-737-0976
Chaplin, Tanya Head Coach 541-230-0635
Chaplin, Michael Associate Head Coach 541-230-0636
Amato, Brian Assistant Coach 541-224-1320
Foxal, Dick Director of Special Projects 541-737-2823
Whisenhunt, Bea Director of Operations 541-737-1969
Information Technology
IT Support 541-737-2457
Sapron-White, Ari Information Technology Consultant 541-737-2457
Life Skills
Johnson, Linda Assistant Athletic Director for Lifeskills/Student Development 541-737-6804
Frost, Jeff Maintenance 541-737-2328
Gross, Scott Maintenance 541-737-2328
Kirk, Al Maintenance 541-737-2328
Lewis, Jess Maintenance 541-737-2328
Reisdorf, Eric Maintenance 541-737-2328
Siewell, Matt Maintenance 541-737-2328
Fax: 541-737-9076
Pruett, Nikki Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing and Promotions 541-737-9895
Elcano, Sara Director of Marketing 541-737-5311
Little, Ben Director of Advertising/Branding 541-224-4366
Marstall, Macall Marketing Coordinator 541-207-4493
Carlson, Emily Intern 541-737-8213
Our Beaver Nation
Office: 541-737-2370   Fax: 541-737-2929
Heilbron, Shawn Senior Associate Athletic Director/Development 541-737-2370
Markel, Nicole  Assistant Athletic Director, Donor Relations & Stewardship 541-737-3362 
Nelson, Scott Assistant Athletic Director/Development 541-737-2370
Bjornstad, Kyle Assistant Director of Annual Giving/Varsity OSU Director 541-737-9693
Fisher, Justin Director of Development - Portland 503-553-3402
Rorabaugh, Michael Director of Development 541-737-3368
Allen, Tim Donor Relations Coordinator 541-737-9649
Burch, Roz Assistant Director of Donor Relations 541-737-2370
Mays, Jennifer Director of Events 541-737-7364
Meiggs, Lindsay Assistant Director of Annual Giving for Athletics


Oxsen, Doug Director of Development 541-737-7486
McCaulley, Rebecca Administrative Assistant, Events & Donor Relations


Siewell, Mark Senior Accounting Technician 541-737-7361
Westlund, Bob Vice President Emeritus 541-737-9158
Todd, Steve Head Coach 541-230-0637
Winkler, Gabe Assistant Coach 609-558-9218
Ford, Emily Head Coach 541-207-2674
Scaglione, Vita Assistant Coach 541-230-0671
Foltz, Andy Novice Coach  
Gann, Troy Rigger  
Brunelle, Rachelle Rigger  
Simmons, Steve Head Coach  
Norman, Dustin Assistant Coach 541-224-1633
Boss, Terry Assistant Coach  
Stebbins, Hank Volunteer Assistant Coach  
Rhode, Linus Head Coach 541-207-2636
Voiland, Michelle Assistant Coach 541-207-4280
Pohl, Eric Assistant Coach 541-207-6524
McMurphy, Lance Sodexo 541-737-8253
Vera, Raul Sodexo Executive Chef 541-737-3580
Hawkins, Paul Catering Coordinator 541-737-8822
Fax: 541-737-4950
Berg, Laura Head Coach 541-737-2789
Hirai, Geoff Associate Head Coach 541-737-2789
Green, Marcie Assistant Coach 541-737-2789
Smith, Heather Director of Operations 541-737-2789
Sports Medicine
Fax: 541-737-0864
Aukerman, Dr. Doug Senior Associate Athletic Director/Sports Medicine 541-231-6917
Graham, Dr. Craig Team Physician  
Pennington, Dr. Donald Orthopedic Surgeon  
Vela, Dr. Luis Orthopedic Surgeon  
Wobig, Dr. Ronald Orthopedic Surgeon  
Eisenhard, Jordyn Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Soccer/Women's Crew) 541-737-7322
Elkinton, Heather Assistant Athletic Trainer (Softball/Football) 541-737-3212
Fregoso, Tom Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Basketball/Women's Golf) 541-737-4188
Graff, Deb Assistant Athletic Trainer (Gymnastics/Men's Golf) 541-737-2139
Iso, Ariko Head Football Athletic Trainer 541-737-3578
Lieuw, Jason Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball/Women's Crew) 541-737-0935
Norcross, Emily Assistant Athletic Trainer (Cross Country/Track & Field) 541-737-4923 
Rumsey, Christopher Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Soccer/Swimming) 541-737-7322 
Swee, Mitch Assistant Athletic Trainer (Wrestling/Football)  
Therrien, Josh Assistant Athletic Trainer (Baseball) 541-737-8544
Gaul, Stephen Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 541-737-3578 
Vanhoose, Lisa Assistant Athletic Trainer (Volleyball/Men's Crew) 541-737-4923
Cronin, Baker G.A. (Cross Country/Track & Field) 541-737-7322 
Pollard, Anne G.A. (Football) 541-737-3578 
Sports Performance Center
Macy, Jeff Director of Sports Performance  
Miller, Bryan Sports Performance Coordinator 541-737-8680
Johnson, Michael Assistant Sports Performance Center Coordinator  
Anderson, Chris Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator 541-737-8680
Barry, Nate Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator 541-737-8680
Komatsubara, Kurt Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator 541-737-8680
Martinez, Juan Assistant Sports Performance Coordinator 541-737-8680
Rodriguez, Jaime Assistant Sports Performance Center Coordinator  
Kasianchuk, Staci Nutrionist  
Fax: 541-737-2140
Liebowitz, Larry Head Coach 541-737-1075
Jackson, Jamie Assistant Coach 562-673-1851
Ticket Office
Office: 541-737-4455   Fax: 541-737-7895
Hairston, Cecil Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Operations 541-737-4455
Clark-Mand, Jordan Assistant Manager Tickets -- Sales/Customer Service 541-737-4455
Knapp, Luann Customer Service Representative 541-737-4455
Phillpott, Bailey Customer Service Representative 541-737-8680
Sauvage, Shannon Customer Service Representative 541-737-4455
Sugden, Pam Customer Service Representative 541-737-4455
Windom, Linda Customer Service Representative 541-737-4455
Varsity OSU
Bjornstad, Kyle Assistant Director of Annual Giving/Varsity OSU Director 541-737-9693
Video Operations
Edison, Eric Video Coordinator  
Hollis, Malisa Video Operations 541-230-0668
Taylor, Jeff Video Operations 541-737-7838
Fax: 541-737-8502
Liskevych, Terry Head Coach 541-737-7491
Barnard, Mark Associate Head Coach 541-737-4940
Hiza, Emily Assistant Coach 541-737-7707
March, Cody Director of Operations 541-737-7490
Bennett, KC Volunteer Assistant Coach  
Berzins, Mik Graduate Manager  
Fax: 541-737-1227
Zalesky, Jim Head Coach 541-230-0599
Steiner, Troy Associate Head Coach  
Roberts, Kevin Assistant Coach 541-230-0613
Pascoe, Travis Volunteer Assistant  

Michael Rorabaugh

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