2013 Game Day Info

Photo By: Ethan Erickson/Oregon State Athletics   08-01-2013

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There is no general admission seating in Reser Stadium; all seats are reserved seating. There is no standing allowed in the aisles or disabled seating areas.

Tickets may be purchased in advance online at beavertickets.com24 hours a day, in person at the OSU Ticket Office located in Gill Coliseum, room 107 or by calling 1-800-GO-BEAVS. (1-800-462-3287) Office hours are Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Game day ticket sales and Will Call are located at the south end of Reser Stadium. The ticket booths open 4 hours prior to kick-off. Patrons needing ADA seating can purchase tickets in advance at the Gill Coliseum ticket office or by calling 1-800-GO-BEAVS.



  1. The Oregon State Athletic Ticket Office offers ADA seating to be purchased both as season tickets and on a single game basis.
  2. Patrons purchasing ADA seats on a season ticket basis will have to pay the appropriate Our Beaver Nation donation to sit in a given ADA location. These patrons will also receive priority when it comes to seat location.
  3. All ADA seats that are not sold as a season ticket will be open to the general ADA public to purchase as a single game ticket.
  4. Patrons with electric wheelchairs or patrons that need to be protected from weather will be given priority seating in the covered ADA seating at the Loge Level on the East Side or the covered location on the West Side.
  5. Club Level ADA seating will be available for purchase on a single game basis for the same price as all general public single game Club seats ($100-$350 per seat). If all other ADA seats are sold throughout Reser Stadium, Club ADA seats will then be offered at the general public single game price.
  6. Patrons are allowed one wheelchair/disabled seat and up to three companion seats in an ADA location per game. All tickets must be purchased.
  7. ADA seats may be purchased in advance of game day at the Gill Coliseum ticket office or over the phone by calling 1-800-GO-BEAVS. (1-800-462-3287)
  8. ADA seats will also be available for purchase on game day at the ticket booths located behind the South Endzone.
  9. No more and no less than 10% of the total ADA seating in Reser Stadium will be held for game day exchanges.


  1. ADA patrons that have general public seats may only exchange their tickets for ADA tickets on game day.
  2. Non-disabled patrons that have ADA seats will be required to exchange their tickets for seats in general public seating seats.
  3. Game day ticket exchanges will begin 4 hours prior to kickoff and will occur at the Will Call booth located behind the South Endzone.
  4. In a situation where only 10% of the total ADA seating remains for exchanges on game day, these tickets will be protected for exchanges only until 1 hour prior to kickoff. At that point, the remaining tickets will be open for purchase by non-ticket holding ADA patrons.

General Public Sellouts

  1. In the case of a General Public sellout, ADA seats will remain on sale to ADA patrons only. ADA will be considered sold out once the seat inventory hits the 10% held for game day exchanges.
  2. At no point will the Oregon State Athletic Ticket Office allow non-disabled patrons to purchase ADA seat locations. If non-disabled patrons are found in ADA locations they will be asked by security to proceed to the Will Call booths to exchange their tickets for general public seating.
  3. ADA seats will remain on sale via phone or in person after a general public sellout is announced.


  1. Disabled OSU students will be able to obtain ADA seating under the same guidelines as the general OSU student population.
  2. OSU will not restrict the location of the student disabled seats to a given location.
  3. The OSU Ticket Office will make it a priority to work with each individual student to find the seating location that best addresses their individual needs.
  4. OSU will allow an OSU student to obtain two tickets in an ADA location (one disabled/wheelchair, one caregiver/companion) free of charge.
  5. ADA tickets that are picked up by OSU students will count against the 6000 student tickets guaranteed per the Student Fee agreement. Once all 6000 student tickets have been picked up, ADA student tickets will no longer be available.

There are stadium guest centers/stadium offices located on the main concourses of the west and east sides of the stadium under sections 16 and 119. For any assistance that needs immediate attention please contact the nearest security guard or usher to assist you. (SEE RESER SEATING MAP AT TOP of this page)

Beaver Fan Fest
Opens 3 hours prior to Kick-Off
Closes at Kick-Off
Open to Everyone

GenBeavs Kids Zone - Prothro Field

  • Inflatable games for kids including:
    • Obstacle Course
    • T-Ball
    • Football Toss
    • Bungee Run
  • Giveaways/Prizes
  • Football Posters
  • Team Posters
  • Ticket Information

Touchdown Tailgate Zone, formally Tailgate at Truax - Truax Indoor Center

  • Multiple TVs featuring games from around the country
  • Variety of food and non alcoholic beverages for purchase (cash only) including:
    • Farrol's hand crafted Kalua Shredded Pork and Teriyaki Rice Bowl
    • Qdoba Chicken Burrito and 3 cheese nachos
    • Roxy Dawgs Beaver, Turkey and Veggie Dawgs
    • Pizza by the Slice
    • Dippin Dots
  • Adult beverages available for purchase (cash only) including:
    • A selection of beer provided by Miller Lite
    • Wine by the glass provided by Chateau Ste Michelle
  • Performances by OSU Cheerleading, Dance and Band
  • Beaver Authentics Gameday Merchandise Store
  • Miller Lite sponsored game area
  • Door prizes including a chance to win Club Seats and premium parking for the next home game

Beaver Walk
Approximately 2 hours before each home game, the entire team and coaching staff will be dropped off on 30th St and Ralph Miller Dr. and walk pass the Truax Indoor Center to their locker room, accompanied by the band, cheerleaders, and Benny. Keep the tradition alive!

The Club at Reser Stadium
All East side Club, Loge, and Suite ticket holders are invited to experience the tailgating experience in the Club area. Activities include your favorite teams on the big screen, interactive games, and lots of great food. This is a private area for our Club, Loge, and East side Suite holders. Beaver Walk

For home football games, OSU offers several services for seniors and the mobility impaired. For home football games there are two options available. There are a limited number of spaces around Reser Stadium, by the gates, available for $20/space. The other option is in the parking structure for a charge of $10.00/space. There are also lots on the north side of campus that are serviced by a wheel chair accessible bus every 15 minutes on Game Day. This ADA/Senior bus will drop you off in front of one of five gates directly surrounding Reser Stadium.


COURTESY CARTS - inside the stadium
Courtesy carts will be available to fans needing assistance going up the ramps at the ends of the press box side of Reser Stadium. Crowd permitting, these carts run from when the gates/doors open until 10 minutes after the scheduled start time of the game. If the ramps are too crowded for safe travel the carts will have to wait to drive up and down the ramps. These carts are only for use on the ramps. They cannot provide transportation to your seating area or back to your automobile. Crowd permitting, they will also be available during halftime of the football games and after the games. Fans arriving after the start of the game or desiring to leave early, should contact event staff personnel to arrange for a driver to return to the cart for assistance.

COURTESY CARTS - outside the stadium
Courtesy carts will be available to fans needing assistance outside the gates of the stadium, but in close proximity to the stadium. Multiple passenger golf carts are available for fan assistance between 26th St on the East side of Reser stadium, 30th St. on the West side of Reser Stadium, and between Western Blvd and Washington Way on the north and south. These carts are roaming the parking lots and around the outside of the stadium and can be flagged down for assistance to locations within these boundaries. They are also available after the game, but can only transport fans within or to the edge these boundaries.

Security may request inspection of all containers/bags for items prohibited inside the venues. You may refuse to have a container/bag inspected and choose instead to return the container/bag to your vehicle, or not be granted admittance to the event and not receive a ticket refund.

For any complaints, concerns, or compliments please feel free to email us at event.management@oregonstate.edu or call and leave a message at 541-737-7375.

There are no pay phones in any athletic venue.

For more information regarding the Our Beaver Nation and donor benefits please visit: https://www.ourbeavernation.com/ Football Donor Lots: Passenger and Recreation Vehicle (RV)

On home football games, passenger vehicles and RV's with Our Beaver Nation permits may park in various lots as shown on the OSU Football Gameday Parking Information map. Season parking permits are issued to donors with a minimum $1,000 contribution to the Our Beaver Nation for the football seasons. Donor passes issued by the Our Beaver Nation must be displayed at all times when parked in the designated parking lots. Vehicles without the proper permits displayed will be towed at the owner's expense.

Football Pay Lots - Passenger Vehicle
On home football games, passenger vehicles may park in various pay lots as shown on the OSU Football Gameday Parking Information map. Rates range from $15/vehicle to $40/vehicle depending upon the lot and the proximity to Reser Stadium.


Football Pay Lots - Recreation Vehicle (RV)
On home football games, recreational vehicles may park in designated RV pay lots as shown on the OSU Football Gameday Parking Information map. Rates range from $80/vehicle for 1-2 spaces and $100/vehicle for 3-5 spaces. $80-$100/vehicle

Football ADA Parking
On home football games, individuals with an ADA permit may park either in the Parking Structure or in designated spaces around Reser Stadium as shown on the OSU Football Gameday Parking Information map. Rates range from $15/vehicle for a parking space within the Parking Structure and $30/vehicle for a designated parking space around Reser Stadium. $15-$30/vehicle

Football - Bus Parking
On home football games, buses may park in designated spaces near Reser Stadium as shown on the OSU Football Gameday Parking Information map. $100/bus

For more information regard the Our Beaver Nation and donor benefits please visit: https://www.ourbeavernation.com/

Basketball Donor Parking
Season parking permits are issued to donors with a minimum $1,000 contribution to the Our Beaver Nation for the basketball seasons. Donor passes issued by the Our Beaver Nation must be displayed at all times when parked in the designated parking lots. Vehicles without the proper permits displayed will be towed at the owner's expense.

Basketball - Passenger Vehicle
On home men's basketball games, passenger vehicles may park in these designated lots (Washington Way strip along intramural fields, parking structure, lot behind softball field, scoreboard and Western lot in Reser Stadium, Magruder lot, and the outside dorm areas by Finley Hall and Bloss Hall. $10/vehicle

Athletic Parking - Community and Post Season Events
Various lots around campus as designated. Parking fee is ranges from $5- $30 based upon the event. High school events are $5, Concerts and special post season events range from $10-$30, and all Reser Stadium Concerts range from $15-$30. **Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and/or towed to impound areas off campus. The OSU Athletic Department is not responsible for parking citations. At no time should cars be parked on campus lawns or green spaces unless it is a designated parking area. Drivers doing so will be ticketed and are responsible for any damage caused by illegal parking.

Alcohol, glass containers, metal cans, hard-sided coolers (of any size), flags/signs on poles or sticks, artificial noisemakers of any kind, umbrellas, firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind, explosives or flammable material, and pets are prohibited. At Reser Stadium all outside beverages except for water in a manufacturer sealed container are also prohibited. For all venues other then Reser Stadium for football games, drinks that are in plastic bottles, paper cup, or personal water bottles, including personal aluminum water bottles are permitted to bring in. Aluminum cans are prohibited in all venues. Drinks can be sealed or unsealed at time of entry at all non-football events. Signs brought into the stadium must be hand held and cannot be attached to the stadium's walls, rails or structure. Sign should also never block the view of other spectators around the sign holders, i.e. while the ball is in play. Outside food is permitted as long as it is not contained in any of the prohibited items listed above.

Fans found to be in possession of alcohol, in areas other than beer or wine purchased in Club and Loge levels, sky boxes and suites, after entering the gates will be removed from the venue for the remainder of the game and not allowed re-entry. Any fans under the age of 21 will also be cited for minor in possession by Oregon State Police. All alcohol and alcohol containers found within the stadium will be confiscated and not returned.

Smoking is not permitted on the Oregon State University campus. As of September 1, 2012, the entire Oregon State University Corvallis campus is smoke free.

The Oregon State Department of Athletics and the Pac-12 Conference is reminding the loyal fans of Beaver Nation to conduct themselves in a proper manner by always displaying good sportsmanship. Put simply good sportsmanship is mandatory by all Oregon State fans, visiting team fans, coaches, staff and student-athletes. As part of the Athletic Department˝s ˝we CARE˝ initiative, proper fan behavior should be part of every fans' approach to the game helps to ensure a remarkable experience with OSU Athletics.

"We are proud to be known as having one of the most courteous and respectful fan bases in the country, and it is our hope that Beaver Nation and our guests continue to enjoy their experiences in our venues," Director of Athletics Bob De Carolis said. "Winning is important, but doing it with class and respect is just as important."

The Fan Code of Conduct program is designed to promote first-class fan conduct at Oregon State athletic events. Part of the commitment of attending and supporting the Beavers is to exhibit respectful behavior at all times.

Fan Code of Conduct
Oregon State University and the Pac-12 Conference are committed to serving our fans by providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience on game day. This Fan Code of Conduct has been established to ensure that your experience, and the experience of all fans, is consistent with our commitment. In enforcing the Fan Code of Conduct, stadium and parking lot personnel may intervene in circumstances where the following behaviors are exhibited: Abusive, foul or disruptive language and obscene gestures.

  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption or any drug use.
  • Fighting, taunting or threatening remarks or gestures.
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in public settings.
  • Sitting in a location other than the guest's ticket seat.
  • Attempting to enter (or entering) the field or other restricted areas.
  • Throwing objects onto the field or into other seating areas.
  • Failing to follow instructions of stadium or parking lot personnel.
  • Smoking except in designated areas. (OSU is a smoke free campus)
  • The wearing of obscene or indecent clothing.
  • Selling items or tickets (when such sales violate local ordinances, law or regulations).
  • Any actions that do or could disrupt the progress of the game.
  • Any other actions which otherwise interferes with other guests' enjoyment of the game.

Each guest should hold his or her ticket and be ready to display it to stadium personnel to verify their seat location. Guests are strongly encouraged to report any violation of the Fan Code of Conduct to the nearest usher, security guard or guest services staff member. Guests who choose not to adhere to Fan Code of Conduct may be subject to immediate ejection, arrest and/or having their tickets (including season tickets) revoked without refund. All season ticket holders are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons using their tickets.

OSU Athletics encourages fans to report any violation of stadium policies to the nearest guest services representative. With our new ˝Text-to-Care˝ program fans can now discretely text the location and nature of the violation of unruly fans directly to our Guest Services staff. Fans will receive a confirmation of the receipt of their text, but will not be identified by any responding staff to the violators. Should any additional information be needed, the Guest Services staff may follow up via text with additional questions.

Our Text-to-˝CARE" program, available to fans attending football games at Reser Stadium, has been instituted to support and enhance our efforts to provide a superior guest-friendly environment in Reser Stadium.

In order to enhance your experience at Reser Stadium, we ask you to ˝CARE˝ by simply sending a text message to Guest Services if you ever have an issue in your area. The enforcement of our Fan Code of Conduct policy, helps us to ensure you receive the remarkable experience you deserve at Reser Stadium. Your assistance in notifying us of offenders of this policy helps us to help you enjoy the game.

The Text-to-˝CARE˝ process is quick, simple and designed to provide you with an immediate response. Here's how it works:

Text the word BEAVS + your message to 69050. Include in your message the issue, and your comment or concern with the location of the concern - section, row and seat. OSU Guest Services will reply, monitor your situation and request additional information if needed. While this system does receive your phone number, responding staff will not identify you to the individual (s) creating the offending situation.

The Text-to-˝Care˝ program is designed to enhance the guest experience at Reser Stadium. It is not to be used to communicate fraudulent, phony or irrelevant messages. Cell phone numbers that repeatedly send texts that are considered a nuisance will be prevented from communicating in the future.

By working together, we will ensure that Reser Stadium is a great place to bring a family and enjoy Beaver football.

Questions or need further HELP in regards to this text program? Send your email to CustomerCare@ISS247.com or call toll-free 1-877-722-6458 Participation in our service is free of charge but standard carrier text messaging & data charges will apply.
Text STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, STOPALL to 69050 to be removed from any list and end subscription to the service.

There are three First Aid Stations at Reser Stadium. One is located under Section 9 on the concourse of the West grandstand. The other stations are located on the East side under sections 119 and 224. An ambulance is located inside of Gate 7, on the player's ramp. In case of medical emergency, please notify the nearest stadium usher or security officer.

All lost and found items are taken to and can be claimed at the Stadium Office during the game. The Stadium Office is located under Section 16 on the West concourse of the grandstand or under Section 119.

After the game, any items with personal information, including drivers licenses, ID cards, medications and items like wallets, money, and cell phones are taken to the Oregon State Police. If you have lost these items, call OSP at 541-737-3010.  All other items will be taken to Central Lost and Found within a few business days, and filling out the Lost Item Form is the fastest, most efficient way to report your lost item. If you prefer, you may call and leave a message at 541-737-7240, including a detailed description of when and where you lost the item, the item itself, and your contact information.

Lost persons and people looking for lost persons should go to the Guest Service Centers/Stadium Office or First Aid Stations for assistance.

OSU collects about 3,000 pounds of recycling at every game - you can help us boost those numbers! Fans are encouraged to recycle and keep our campus clean during game days by using recycle and trash bins in tailgating areas, or taking material home with them. Recycle and trash bins are also located at stadium gates two hours before kickoff, with recycling attendants who can help you sort (learn what can be recycled at OSU here). In the stadium, please leave recyclables at your seat and place trash in receptacles throughout the stadium; the a student group from Philomath High School helps collect recyclables from the stands after each game. Get a behind-the-scenes look at recycling at football games in this short video!

In Reser Stadium, an ATM is located on the Concourse next to the first aid station behind section 9 and on the East Side under section 119. There are also ATM's located near the north entrance of the Alumni Center on 26th Street or up in the MU building on Jefferson.

SOUVENIRS - Beaver Authentics
All OSU Athletic Venues offer locations where OSU souvenirs and apparel may be purchased. Each location contains a wide variety of OSU insignia merchandise including tees, sweatshirts, hats, glassware, footballs, buttons, decals, flags and much more.

Beaver Authentics is the only approved vendor of merchandise at or around athletic venues. Anyone wishing to sell merchandise on campus or around the athletic venues must get written permission from OSU Athletics in advance of their sales. Oregon State Athletics receives a portion of all sales sold by Beaver Authentics.

The Football Game Day Shuttle will run an East Campus - "Orange" Bus and a West Campus "Black" Bus every 15 minutes to and from the stadium. See map for route information and shuttle stop locations. These shuttles are only available on football game days and start three hours prior to kick off. Campus Shuttles are free of charge.

Shuttles start 3 hours prior to kick-off and drop off every 15 minutes (dependent on traffic) at Reser Stadium. They run until 1 hour after the game ends. Buses pick up at locations on the map and drop off in front of the Alumni Center. Please follow all posted regulations as some lots are private lots. Cost is $5 per person roundtrip. Kids 12 and under ride for free.

Shuttles start 3 hours prior to kick-off and drop off every 15 minutes (dependent on traffic) at tennis courts off Washington Way and 30th Street. The shuttle runs until 1 hour after the game ends. Return trips are only available post game from Reser Stadium and are included in the fee. Return trip shuttles are located along 30th street next to the tennis courts. Cost is $5 per person roundtrip. Kids 12 and under ride for free

Shuttles start 3 hours prior to kick-off and drop off every 15 minutes (dependent on traffic) at Reser Stadium. They run until 1 hour after the game ends. Buses pick up at locations on map and drop off in front of the Alumni Center. Cost is $5 per person roundtrip. Kids 12 and under ride for free