Student-Athlete Development

Oregon State Athletics   11-01-2012
Through the efforts of the NCAA Foundation and the Division 1A Athletic Directors' Association, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program was created. The acronym CHAMPS refers to "Challenging Athletes' Minds for Personal Success." In the summer of 1994, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program was launched through the NCAA to its membership. Oregon State began its program in 1994 and continues to expand and improve its programming for all student-athletes.

In the summer of 2010 the NCAA Student-Athlete Development and CHAMPS/Life Skills units within the educational affairs department of the NCAA merged to become Student-Athlete Affairs (SAA). This program provides the following comprehensive resources under the Student-Athlete Affairs Life Skills Mission. Oregon State University is meeting the lofty goals of the NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs program through our "Everyday Champions" program which promotes "Competition, Classroom, and Community & Life". In the Fall of 2011 the NCAA Student Athlete Affairs Program adopted the name change of Student Athlete Development Program.

The mission of the Student-Athlete Development Program is to maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the campus educational program and the student-athlete as an integral part of the student body and to enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience within the context of higher education. In the process of achieving this mission, the Student-Athlete Development Program will:

  • Promote student-athletes' ownership of their academic, athletic, career, personal and community responsibilities.
  • Me the changing needs of student-athletes.
  • Promote respect for diversity and inclusion among student- athletes.
  • Assist student-athletes in identifying and applying transferable skills.
  • Foster an environment that encourages student athletes to effectively access campus resources.
  • Encourage the development of character, integrity and leadership skills.

Mission of the EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS Program

Oregon State University Athletics supports approximately 500 student-athletes who showcase grit, determination, teamwork, passion and drive in 17 sports. The "everyday champions" program was developed to prepare these student-athletes, who excel on the field and courts, for today's competitive environment after graduation.

The goal of the everyday champions program is to have OSU's student-athletes leave educated, confident, connected and well prepared for the personal and professional challenges that will face them throughout their lives. Everyday Beaver student-athletes excel on the playing field, in the classroom, as a teammate and in the community.

Throughout the year OSU recognizes many student-athletes, along with several alumni featured, in an attempt to highlight their extraordinary accomplishments.

Athletic Excellence
OSU strives to hire the best Coaches, Sports Medicine Staff, and Strength and Conditioning Staff to provide all OSU Student-Athletes with a post-season experience at least once every four years.
Academic Excellence
OSU provides a comprehensive Academic Support Program for its Student-Athletes. The department celebrates the academic accomplishments of its student-athletes annually at the Student-Athlete Day Celebration, usually during Spring Term.
Career Development
OSU provides a comprehensive Career Development Program for its Student-Athletes. Components of the program range from resume writing and interviewing techniques, to the graduate school application processes and education on post-graduate scholarship opportunities. Former student-athletes are also invited to participate in networking events sponsored by Varsity O. Oregon State University has also partnered with Career Athletes to provide a networking tool for all former and current student-athletes. Personal Development OSU provides several seminars on different personal topics throughout the year. OSU's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee lends input each year to the following year's topics.

Leadership Institute
OSU Athletic Department Staff delivers seminars on different Leadership topics. Student-Athletes are exposed and groomed for advanced career decision-making opportunities (internships, networking, and conferences) as well as exposed to prestigious post-graduate scholarship opportunities. International experiences are also promoted. Student-Athletes are also given opportunities to be a part of the OSU Athletic Department's governance structure via the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and Captain's Table. Community Service All OSU Student-Athletes are invited to participate in annual community service events such as the Fall Carnival, Celebrate Corvallis valet parking, The Other Side Talent Show & Silent Auction as well as individual and team driven events.

Varsity OSU
After graduation, Student-Athletes are invited to stay engaged with the program for social events, networking and other professional development opportunities.


Oregon State University provides a number of programming avenues to meet the personal and developmental needs of its Student-Athletes. University resources as well as department specific programming is offered in order to reach a broad spectrum of students. These resources include:

Oregon State University Career Services Center
OSU provides a number of Career Fairs and Professional Development workshops throughout the year. Freshmen student-athletes are encouraged to start planning early for post-graduate opportunities (jobs, internships, volunteerism, etc.).

Career Fairs:
Oregon State University hosts a number of Career Fairs throughout the year. Please talk with your academic advisors and professors to get the most up to date information. Upcoming Career Fairs:

Fall Term Career Fairs: October 26th & 27th, 2011
Winter Term Career Fairs: February 22nd & 23rd, 2012
Spring Term Career Fair: April 25th, 2012
Career Athletes
In the fall of 2009 OSU began a partnership with Career Athletes to provide lifelong career and internships opportunities for the student athlete. Please visit the web site below, fill out the information sheet and be part of this exciting partnership: The site also provides a format for creating business cards and for becoming a Mentor, if you are a former student-athlete.

Graduate School
Do you want to go to graduate school? Click on this resource for tips and helpful exercises to get you started.


Each term, the Athletic Department schedules Personal Development events (some of which are mandatory) for all of our student-athletes. OSU's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee provides input on topics and speakers on a regular basis. Topics are delivered department-wide or may be delivered team by team. Programs and topics usually include Student-Athlete Orientation, NCAA Rules and Regulations, addictive behaviors, healthy behaviors, life transitions and motivation, stress and coping, nutrition, sexuality, financial wisdom and budgeting, diversity sensitivity, and an overview of the laws and legal system of Corvallis.

Here is a sample of some past presentations:

Playbook for Life presented by NFL members Allen Pinkett & Bill Zimmerman.
Kevin Long-MVP Media - media training workshop.
Joe Rhea-Cars, Bars, & Catastrophes-- an emphasis on the perils of drinking and driving, and the catastrophe's that can follow; especially to the families "left behind".
Don McPherson-Former member of the NFL spoke on the fight against violence to women.
Steve Thompson-a national expert on the subject of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking.
Female Athlete Forum-Female triad-proper fueling for difficult workouts and competition.
Avoiding Nutritional Traps-Positive nutrition for the student athlete.
Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Athlete Panel-the challenges facing marginalized athletes.
Mark Isenberg-Gambling in Sports and the NCAA.
Michael Franzese-Gambling in Sport.
Steve McAllister-Gendered based violence/sexual assault.
Jason Kilmer-Alcohol Researchest
Eric Alexander-Alcohol awareness education and leadership
Carrie Giese-Non violent sexual behaviors and education.
Malinda Shell & Marcus Sharpe-Positive Mental Health and OSU resources.
Be The Match-Blood marrow donor registration drive.

Coaches and student-athletes are also encouraged to use the following resources.

From Oregon State:
Cultural Centers: Asian & Pacific Cultural Center, Black Cultural Center, Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez, Native American Longhouse, Pride Center, and the Women's Center.
Counseling and Psychological Services
From the NCAA: Balancing Time Demands
Personal Wellness
· Sickle Cell Trait Testing
· Mental health. Other Mental Health information. Nutrition
· Nutritional videos
Female Athlete Triad Prevention
Pregnant and Parenting
Hazing Prevention
· Hazing Prevention Resources.


During the 2010-11, student athletes contributed nearly 6000 hours of community service showing their sincere dedication and involvement in the local community. Some of the major projects that the student athletes have chosen to lend their time to include the Corvallis Fall Carnival (Trick or Treat with the Beavs), valet parking for Celebrate Corvallis and the Winter Gala, The Other Side Talent Show, Read with the Beavs, Habitat for Humanity, various cancer research organizations including Relay for Life, skills coaching for youth, and autograph signing. The student athlete of Oregon State contributes to the local and world community because of their belief and commitment to the community and the benefits their efforts may bring to society.

Student-Athlete Integration
Linda Johnson, Director of the Student Athlete Development Program is able to coordinate community service events. Team and/or student athletes may coordinate their own community service events based on t heir passions. Outside organizations requesting student athlete volunteers for any event must do so by contacting To successfully meet your request, a minimum of 15 days lead time prior to your event.